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Nov 2017

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) are Learning Support Assistants who have undergone 6 days of training learning about pupil’s emotionality with half-termly clinical supervision from an Educational Psychologist (EP). Topics covered over the 6 days include:

  • Raising Emotional Literacy Awareness
  • Emotional Literacy in Schools
  • Building Resilience and Self-esteem
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Social and Friendship Skills
  • Loss, Bereavement and Family Break-Up
  • Therapeutic Stories
  • Social Stories
  • Active Listening and Reflective Conversations
  • Using Puppets

ELSAs plan and deliver individual support programmes to help children recognise, understand and manage their emotions to increase success. 

ELSA was written by Sheila Burton, EP, whilst working at Hampshire Educational Psychology Service (EPS) with the initiative now spread across Britain and overseas.  The training in DMBC is led by an EP with several years’ experience co-ordinating the training in a neighbouring LA and has conducted research on the initiative with Sheffield University.  Further information about ELSA, including research findings, can be found on the ELSA website:

Part of the training is the requirement of the LSA’s Line Manager to attend the first afternoon in order to deepen their understanding of the role of the ELSA and to organise how the ELSA will work in their school.  Further information about the roles of the school and the ELSA , as well as the ELSA person specification, will be provided on booking of the course.

For further information about ELSA please contact Mary Leighton, EP, at: 

These sessions are taking place on:

  • 06.11.17, 09:30 until 15:15 at Plover Primary School 
  • 16.11.17, 09:30 until 15:15 at Plover Primary School 
  • 23.11.17, 09:30 until 15:15 at Plover Primary School 
  • 27.11.17, 09:30 until 15:15 at Plover Primary School 
  • 04.12.17, 09:30 until 15:15 at Plover Primary School 
  • 11.12.17, 09:30 until 15:15 at Plover Primary School 

Delegates will be require to bring their own lunch to the sessions, however refreshments will be provided. This programme will cost:

  • £240.00 for Enhanced Members 
  • £290.00 for Core Members 
  • £360.00 for Non-Members 
  • Venue Plover Primary School
  • Start date 06/11/17
  • Time 09:00
  • Trainers Mary Leighton and other EPs
  • Audience Learning Support Assistants
“The EEF is delighted to have been able to work with Partners in Learning and Doncaster schools on the ‘Making best use of Teaching Assistants’ project. The way the evidence has been brought ‘to life’ by bringing in expertise on school improvement, and drawing on local school examples, has been fantastic. Thank you to all the schools for the energy and commitment they have brought to the project. We look forward to working together on future collaborations".
Dr Jonathan Sharples EEF, November 2016