About Us

Partners in Learning, in conjunction with Doncaster Research School, is a highly successful Doncaster based school improvement company and charity with reach of over 1000 people and organisations. As organisations, we lead the way together in the use of evidence informed practice by bringing research closer to schools. Through our existing networks, we work with and alongside leaders and teachers to promote and share what we know about putting research into practice, supporting schools to make better use of evidence to inform teaching and learning, leading to better outcomes for pupils. We are committed to strengthening and embedding partnership working to ensure strategic approaches and enable schools to access wider expertise and opportunities.

Our Vision - Our Purpose

Leading the way together for every child, in every school, every day.

Our Aims

Encourage all leaders to take collective responsibility for outcomes for all children in the school led system.

In the development of highly effective teaching which results in good or better progress for all learners.

High quality professional development opportunities which are underpinned by robust evidence of what works best.

Doncaster schools as employers of choice through recruitment and retention.

To the challenge of social mobility by ensuring that all children have equal entitlement and access to opportunities that will improve their life choices.

How we will do this

Forming positive relationships with all stakeholders within Doncaster and other providers regionally, nationally and globally

Ensuring our work and learning is informed by evidence and research

Evaluating and refining the quality, effectiveness and impact of our work

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