Leadership Academy

This year we are launching new and exciting Leadership Programmes for both primary and secondary colleagues. Click on the links below for more information.

Developing Effective Middle Leadership

This programme is aimed at talented leaders who have a belief in transformational change and want to
make a difference, impact on student achievement and improve their own and their team’s performance. 

Who is it suitable for?
This individual should be:
• In their first to fourth year of holding their first leadership role
• Responsible for leading a department
• Responsible for strategic action planning
• Be passionate about research and pedagogy

Key components of the programme
• Launch Event at the National College 8th/9th July, 2016
• 3 Core Days of training led by Alistair Shaw/Nikki Bell of Optimum Leadership Solutions
• 5 Twilight Sessions led by experienced Senior Leaders
• Focused visit to a local outstanding primary school
• Focused visit to another secondary setting with a specific line of enquiry
• 360˚feedback analysis
• In-school mentor to shape and guide new thinking
• Access to up-to-date, relevant research and publications
• Completion of GAP tasks and a Learning Journal    
Programme Overview
Autumn Term
• Core Day 1
• Focused visit to an outstanding primary school
• Meeting with in-school mentor
• Twilight 1: ‘What does progress look like, sound like and feel like across your department?’
• Meeting with in-school mentor
• Twilight 2: ‘How does strategic action planning impact on progress?’

Spring Term
• Core Day 2
• Meeting with in-school mentor
• Twilight 3: ‘What does ‘Progress over Time’ look like in your department?’
• Meeting with in-school mentor to identify a line of enquiry for a school based project
• Focused visit to a different secondary school
• Twilight 4: Development of a school based project

Summer Term
• Meeting with in-school mentor
• Core Day 3
• Meeting with in-school mentor
• Twilight 5: All participants present their project to an audience of Headteachers and SLT members from across Doncaster
• Introduction of Year 2 and 3: Roles, responsibilities and expectations

Price: £1000 per delegate for Year 1 OR 2 FREE places as part of the PiL TSA Enhanced Membership Package.