Feb 2018
Another Successful ‘Help, I’m a Middle Leader’ Programme

Investing in Middle Leadership now makes an impact on pupil achievement and builds capacity for the future.  Middle Leaders need a clear defined role and the necessary skills needed to carry it out.  Ofsted feel that the role of middle managers is crucial to the steady and sustained improvement of schools.


The cohort that has just completed this training, were at various levels of middle leadership and we were able to personalise their support.  The action research undertaken by the teachers covered a wide variety of areas, from phonics, to science, to preparing to pupils for the modern world, British Values and continuous provision in the Early Years.


The feedback from the Middle Leaders talked about the value they got from visiting other settings and working in a triad.  It also talked about increased confidence and having opportunities to write action plans and work to deadlines (milestones)to measure impact.


Here’s just some of the feedback from a wide selection…


“Brilliant, loved the opportunity to visit other schools and work with other people, share ideas and experiences with people from outside our area.”


“Working in a special school, we don’t get access to see what happens in mainstream. Through the triad work the course has given me the opportunity to experience this.  It has also given me confidence to develop links with other practitioners in other settings and the belief in myself.”


In addition, here is an Evaluation kindly provided by David Richardson, Head Teacher, Sunnyfields Primary School.  We know this news article is a long one, but we couldn’t resist…


I nominated two colleagues to attend the ‘Help, I’m a middle leader’ programme facilitated by Jill Northwood on behalf of Partners in Learning.  My colleagues were both at different points in the leadership journeys and have developed hugely over the past several years.  However, as the main drivers of change in school, I wanted to develop their confidence further by exposing them to the wider world of leadership.


The course itself supported this aim beautifully.  Colleagues worked in triads which gave them the first opportunity to network beyond the school and local pyramid.  These experiences proved highly effective as good practice and ideas were brought back to school and disseminated.  As part of the course, both colleagues led a project that they were passionate about but linked to whole school improvement.  It was beautiful to see such energy and enthusiasm in both colleagues as they developed their action plans and thought how they might drive their project through school.  Through high quality coaching and introductions to leadership styles, that were facilitated by Jill, both colleagues began to change and grow in confidence.  They both led staff development meetings and took greater ownership over school improvement.


Again, through the work of the triads, ideas and ways of moving forward were tested through the coaching of each other.


I had the privilege of being invited to attend the final presentation and celebration afternoon.  It was a magical moment to see both of my colleagues standing in front of colleagues and leading such professional presentations. Their new-found confidence was shared with colleagues.  Similarly, I was so impressed with the wealth of leadership potential that we have in Doncaster as the remaining delegates presented their projects.  The most noticeable impact of the course was the newly formed links between schools.  Colleagues seemed determined to keep these networks going beyond the course. 


Help, I’m a Middle Leader is a superb, low cost, high impact CPD module that is well facilitated by a knowledgeable facilitator.