Jun 2017
Creating and Leading Learning Schools: A School Improvement Project for Partners in Learning 2016/17.

This improvement project took place again due to the success and demand, following on from the previous two years.  Our most recent feedback didn’t go unnoticed:


  • Children are happier in their learning; there is a greater ‘buzz’ in the classroom
  • Children are more comfortable to take feedback and embrace challenge
  • Attitudes to learning have improved; they are more resilient
  • The skills are embedded throughout the community as a result of talk, discussions and learning


Not only did the course focus on the children but it was pertinent that teachers addressed what they could do as a result of being a participant.  We were pleased with what they had to say: 


  • “I now reflect on learning and teaching with colleagues I wouldn’t normally do this”
  • “I am more able to plan for aspects of learning with more focus”
  • “Mistakes and discussion are welcome”.


Being a reflective practitioner, acknowledging how far they have come, and also thinking about what they can keep on doing to improve their own learning needs (as well as the children) has a huge impact.  Knowing they are also learners and to not be embarrassed if they are unable to answer questions shows children that learning is a continuous part of life.  


The project focused on schools that were experiencing difficulty improving the quality of teaching and learning, and also for those who were looking to embed the project within their school having participated before.


The aim of the project was to create a learning community that will enquire into and develop the processes and structures that facilitate effective learning so that children in our schools become more autonomous, engaged and successful in their learning.  We feel that the outcomes will speak for themselves.