Jun 2016
Doncaster – Dalian, China Partnership

Aims of School to School Linking

The key aims of education partnerships for our children and young people are:

  • To raise aspiration and awareness of their global identity by the celebration of English and Chinese culture in both countries for the benefit of Children and Young People of Doncaster
  • To improve the knowledge and use of both Mandarin and English language.

Delegation visit to Dalian 2016

The 2016 delegation to Dalian was the fourth in a series of successful visits to China. The focus of the 2016 delegation was observe and share best practice of mathematical teaching learning from each other in order to strengthen and develop Mathematics teaching and learning in Doncaster Schools.

The 2016 group comprised of 11 Education Professionals including Headteachers, Specialist Leaders of Education teachers and Partners in Learning delegates. Partners in Learning funded Specialist Leaders of Education for Maths who will use their finding to not only enhance their own practice but disseminate this knowledge at the Partners in Learning Teaching School Alliance Leadership Conference in November.