Oct 2018
Doncaster Research School Conference - Research: Thinking Globally, Nationally & Locally

The first ever Doncaster Research School Conference took place on 10th October 2018. We were overwhelmed with the number of colleagues from schools and organisations, who took time out of their day, to help make our day the great success that it was.

We were delighted to have the delegation of Australian teachers, from Social Ventures Australia, who shared some excellent and thought-provoking research through key note speeches and seminars.


We’ve received some great feedback, which really is appreciated:


“This was a really uplifting, inspirational day. Thank you to everyone involved. Lots of food for thought”


“A really formative and useful event. The singing was a delight and reminded us what we are all working for- providing the best education possible for ALL the children in Doncaster”


“Excellent CPD opportunity, thought-provoking and inspirational. Many thanks for allowing me to access a huge range of educational speakers”


We would also like to thank Helena Honeybone, Headteacher at Town Field Primary School, and the children who formed the Doncaster Research School choir. We were told so many times that, the children's choir was very inspirational and an absolute highlight.


It really was a great day of sharing, collaboration, new learning and reflection! You can keep up to date with the work of Doncaster Research School here you can also sign up to the newsletter here