Jul 2017
Future System Leaders

During our recent LLE recruitment, it became apparent that we have a number of Headteachers in Doncaster who would like to begin to engage in supporting other schools but don’t meet the regionally agreed eligibility criteria to apply to become an LLE. In order to develop future system leaders, and to enable other schools to benefit from the wealth of expertise in many Doncaster schools, we would like to offer the opportunity to apply to become a future system leader.


This role may begin with shadowing the work of more experienced system leaders before moving on to supporting light touch deployments or leading cpd/networks. Training will be given to support Headteachers in understanding the role of system leaders and any work undertaken will be subject to PIL quality assurance processes.


To be eligible as a future system leader, you must:

  • have at least 1 year experience as a serving Headteacher (including any period as acting Head or Head of School)
  • have accountability for one or more school(s) that meet the criteria below
  • have the support of your school’s governing body / trust board
  • demonstrate clearly how you have led significant improvements within your own school
  • demonstrate that you have the ability and capacity to support another school to improve
  • commit to the time expectations and any induction/training as specified by PIL

For you to be considered as a future system leader, your current school must:

  • have an Ofsted rating of good (or if you have moved to your current school since its last section 5 inspection, your previous school may be used)
  • show consistently high levels of pupil performance or a trend of continued improvement
  • be above current minimum standards set by the government
  • have experienced senior leaders with capacity to work with other schools


For more information or to request an application form please email The closing date for applications is Friday 14th July 2017. Successful applicants will be invited to attend a briefing session at 1.30-3.00pm on 19th September 2017 at the Beak Children’s Centre, Kirk Sandall.