Dec 2017
Let’s Talk About Academies - Information and Networking Session

On 29th November 2017, 50 colleagues including CEO’s, School Leaders, Governors and Business Managers attended the Partners in Learning ‘Let’s talk about Academies’ information and networking session.


This event came at a very interesting and welcoming time for the schools in our area.  The purpose of the session was to provide information regarding forming new academies and the growth strategies.  The speakers also participated in a question and answer panel which gave the attendees the opportunity to ask questions they felt were pertinent.


Carol Gray, Deputy Director East Midlands and the Humber Academies Regional Delivery Group presented ‘The Regional Agenda’ and gave the audience a ‘subtle’ vision of their work.  The priorities are to have a partnership approach in delivering best practice across the region and use ‘prevention and intervention’.  Carol explained that the conditions must be created to define the landscape to enable a MAT to grow in the local area with a strong robust governance.  The ambition is to create more good and outstanding places for all young people in the East Midlands and Humber region.


Damian Allen, Director of People presented on ‘The Academy Agenda for Doncaster’.  He opened his presentation with the sentence “willingness to contribute to endeavour”.  This sums up all that we are working towards.  We want the best for our children and we want to make Doncaster the most child friendly in the borough.  Damian spoke about what is happening behind the scenes and what is being done to try and accomplish the best possible outcome for schools.  Damian stated that “Partners in Learning have and are continuing to make a significant contribution by engaging throughout the whole process”.  We agree that we need a consultative and collaborative approach, to get the results that we as a whole are hoping to achieve.


Beryce Nixon, Executive Principal, Exceed Learning Partnership talked about ‘The Benefits of Academisation: A Local Case Study’.  Beryce gave insight to what it meant and what was involved in the process of becoming a multi academy trust.  Beryce’s account was honest and refreshing.  Beryce works on the principal of ‘all decisions are determined by what is the children’s best interests’.  As explained ‘education is always under construction’, we learn as we go along but we must have a consistent drive towards being better. 


During the Q&A Beryce made a poignant statement “We need a structural solution, not a competitive edge, improve, invest, its all about children’s lives”.  Partners in Learning couldn’t agree more, and we look forward to continuing our work together with all of our colleagues to get the best for our children.