Mar 2017
New College - English and Maths Twilight

New College Doncaster has been delighted to have delivered the first 4 sessions in a 6 session programme aimed at teachers delivering GCSE English and GCSE maths. The sessions have attracted nearly 40 delegates from schools across the Doncaster area, focusing on stretching the most able students within the new GCSE specifications. Brendon Fletcher, Principal of New College Doncaster, delivering some of the maths sessions, added “The delegates have really got their teeth into some of the most challenging topics, extending into GCSE further maths and also touching on some areas of A level topics. It’s been fantastic to see teachers really enjoying revisiting maths they may not have seen for many years.” Ceri Boyle, Head of School of Language, Literature and Culture at New College Pontefract, commented on the new challenges of the new GCSE English specifications, “It’s been great to work with English teachers from across the area, particularly as I taught in Doncaster myself for many years. The new specifications pose lots of new challenges for students and teachers but it’s great to be involved in this programme, helping students to prepare for their progression to A levels after GCSE.” The programme is one of the first collaborations between Partners in Learning and New Collaborative Teaching School Alliance.