May 2017
Partners in Learning LLE Recruitment


The 2016/17 recruitment round for LLEs will soon be opening to new applicants. For Headteachers interested in taking advantage of this exciting opportunity, Partners in Learning will be holding an information session on Monday 22nd May to explain the role and the benefits of becoming an LLE. This session will also be useful for Headteachers wanting more information or support in meeting the eligibility criteria.

To be eligible to become a Partners in Learning Local Leader of Education, you must:


• have at least 3 years of experience as a serving Headteacher (including any period as acting head or head of school)
• expect to remain at your current school for at least 2 years after being selected
• have accountability for one or more school(s) that have an Ofsted rating of good or outstanding
• have the support of your school’s governing body / trust board
• demonstrate that you have the ability and capacity to support another school to improve
• demonstrate that you have sufficient experience and impact providing support as a coach or mentor to another Headteacher or senior member of staff at a school other than your own
• commit to the time expectations and induction and training as specified by the TSA

Further details regarding eligibility criteria are available on request.

Anyone interested in applying either now or in the future is welcome join us for the information session at 4:00 pm on Monday 22nd May at Hungerhill School.

Please email for further details and to secure a place at the information session.