Sep 2018
Press Release! Mathematics Mastery Programme

Thirty primary schools in Doncaster are set to benefit from £600k in funding from the Department for Education’s (DfE) Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF).


The funding enables three organisations – Doncaster-based Partners in Learning, Sheffield-based Learning Unlimited Teaching School Alliance and national non-profit Mathematics Mastery – to work in partnership to drive improvement in maths teaching and learning across Doncaster.


Schools will gain access to a wealth of high quality, maths-focused professional development and classroom resources, enabling them to directly impact over 500 teachers and 7,500 pupils.


Janet Foster, Primary Director for Partners in Learning, commented: “We are really excited to be part of this project in collaboration with Maths Mastery and Learning Unlimited TSA. The Maths Mastery evidenced based programme has the potential to further improve outcomes for pupils and also inspire and support professionals in our Doncaster schools!”

The partnership kicked off this week with a launch event in Doncaster, which brought together 500 teachers and school leaders for two days of training.


Doncaster welcomed Dr Helen Drury, Executive Director and Founder of Mathematics Mastery and a pioneer of teaching and learning for mastery in UK schools, to the event. Dr Helen Drury commented: “It was a joy and privilege to meet so many teachers and school leaders who share our mission to transform mathematics education. The dedicated staff in these 30 Doncaster schools are an important part of our growing national partnership. We know every child can enjoy and succeed in maths, and we are excited to see the difference these Doncaster teachers make to mathematics learning over the next two years.”


Mathematics Mastery is a school improvement programme for UK schools. Working in partnership with schools to embed an internationally recognised mastery approach to maths teaching, they aim to improve pupils’ enjoyment, resilience, understanding and attainment in mathematics.

Mathematics Mastery was original established as an Ark venture and has expended to work with over 500 schools across the country. They focus not only on narrowing the achievement gap between different groups of students, but also on raising standards overall and reinvigorating enthusiasm for the subject.


Learning Unlimited TSA has been working in partnership with Mathematics Mastery for four years to establish a regional presence. This means schools who join the programme are trained locally.


Andrew Truby, Strategic Lead for Learning Unlimited: “As a teaching school, everything we do aims to improve life chances for children and this mathematics programme is the best I have experienced. We have supported a large number of schools to successfully implement this programme and have seen a significant improvement in mathematics teaching and learning as a result. The children’s conceptual understanding has been developed and the programme ensures no child is left behind.”


The Mathematics Mastery approach believes in high expectations for every child, and focuses on developing a strong foundational understanding of mathematics. Lessons are designed so all pupils can keep up with the pace of the learning, therefore minimising gaps in understanding.


Schools within the Mathematics Mastery partnership are part of a strong maths network, with opportunities to collaborate and share ideas based on best practice.


Mr Truby, a former Ofsted inspector and a National Leader of Education, is leading this project. He is extremely passionate about embedding the Mathematics Mastery programme into the new partner schools, which are all from very different communities. “Too often I hear school leaders making excuses about why children are not achieving in mathematics – because of context or background – which is why I’m determined to make this programme accessible to schools in South Yorkshire.


“The Mathematics Mastery programme has already been independently evaluated and has a proven track record in schools in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the country. This is great news for children in Doncaster, who will benefit from such a successful approach.”


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Andrew Truby, Strategic Lead for Learning Unlimited Teaching School Alliance


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