Oct 2017
The Doncaster Research School Launch by Partners in Learning

The Doncaster Research School Launch event took place on 13th October 2017, and what an event it was!  Our three key note speakers kept the crowd engaged and enthusiastic about what’s to come for our Doncaster schools and beyond.


Kate Josephs emphasised that the day was a “brilliant landmark occasion”.  Kate gave an honest account of her thoughts and highlighted that every child should be given opportunities and an amazing education, no matter where they come from. 


Professor Jonathan Sharples, (Senior Researcher for the Education Endowment Foundation) put the spotlight on some very interesting statistics.  The majority of the room answered the True or False facts correctly, surprisingly the percentages of people who answered them accurately nationwide was quite an eye opener.  As Jonathan said “people don’t know, what they don’t know”, it’s now up to the Research Schools Network and Doncaster Research School as a regional outpost, to communicate and ensure we get the information out there, embedding it into our local system.  Research should serve practice.


Alex Quigley (Director of Huntington Research School) introduced himself as a man with many hats.  I think we can all agree that no one role defines what we do, however, although we may be pulled in all directions our ‘different hats’ sync around the same area.  This adds to our toolkits and it’s what we do with those tools that makes a difference.  Alex went on to say that evidence isn’t always good enough.  We need our schools and our children to back up this evidence which will enable informed decisions, its then about finding the middle ground and taking steps to see where the evidence takes us.  “If we do that one thing well it will have collateral impact in our schools – bringing our research to life”


The day ran smoothly and positive outcomes were obtained.  Helen Bellinger, Lucie Pond and Helen Redford-Hernandez did a fantastic job of opening and closing the afternoon with the passion we need to make Doncaster Research School the best it can be.  Watch this space!


To see photos and updates of the day check out the Doncaster Research School twitter feed @RSDoncaster