Jul 2017
The Learning Beyond Doncaster Innovation Event - Recognising that solutions come from beyond as well as within Doncaster!

The Learning Beyond Doncaster day took place on 19th June 2017 at Southfield Primary School.  Over 50 delegates were in attendance.  Before the day had finished we were already receiving positive feedback and a variety of enthusiastic tweets. Here are just a few:




We had a range of professionals leading the event who all had a different approach, but who all desired the same outcome. This was to focus on overcoming barriers to delivering excellence with an overview of the drivers for undertaking research and some of the research currently taking place.

Beryce Nixon, our Director of School System & Resource Development discussed the Innovation Group Aims and unpicked the Effective Teaching Document.  Robert Carpenter from Inspire Partnership presented on Inspire, Journey and Outcomes as well as the Ethics, Values, Metacognition and Quality of Outcomes.  Steve Bower discussed his topic New Around Here and we also had Vision and Values through Art.  We have some excellent pictures of the artwork.

There was time allocated in the day to view the Learning Beyond Doncaster Exhibition, this enabled delegates to see what there is available and how others work outside of our town. 

Working collaboratively, sharing ideas and being open to redefining leadership can have excellent outcomes.  This is just the beginning.