Sep 2017
The Partners in Learning Website is nominated for an Award!!

Janet Foster and Sara Harle will be travelling to London this October to attend The Digital Impact Awards 2017.   The awards recognise excellence and reward brand, design and digital innovation from organisations across the globe.  Needless to say, we are very excited to be involved.


The Partners in Learning website is always being updated and is an excellent place for members and the public to find out what is happening in the educational field.  Moirae and Partners in Learning have been nominated due to showing evidence of a strong digital presence, which stands out from its sector peers.


Sara Harle, Director of Business and Operations, had this to say:

 “Our brand new, easy to navigate website has been totally reinvented and feedback shows our members couldn’t be happier. With a refreshed functionality, we are finding it much easier to communicate to all stakeholders. Moirae have effectively taken our strong brand and given us a unique identity online”.


We will report back to let you know how we get on.  Fingers crossed!!