Dec 2016
Transfer of StEP Function

The StEP function successful transferred from the LA to Partners in Learning at the start of the academic year 2016/17. A number of new StEPs were recruited at the start of the year to add additional capacity to the team and StEP training took place in September to ensure that StEPs were fully prepared for their Autumn term achievement visits. Feedback from schools who engaged with the programme in 2015/16 was used to inform the allocation of StEPs to schools and to also to inform the programme for 2016/17. A more rigorous QA and moderation process is now in place to ensure that the programme continues to provide the high quality support and challenge which schools value and to externally moderate schools’ own self-evaluation outcomes. In addition, the programme informs the LA risk assessment of schools, identifying where additional support and intervention may be needed, but also identifying best practice and informing school to school support partnerships.

Should there be any issues in relation to the StEP programme then please contact Helen Bellinger, PIL Director of School Improvement  (