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Mar 2021

FULLY BOOKED - #DL30- Sharing the goodness


#DL30 is a group of primary and secondary leaders collaborating to share all the ‘goodness’ across Doncaster with support from Partners in Learning and the Local Authority.

The concept is simple:

• 30 minute session
• Select from 3 school presentations
• Have the opportunity to ask questions
• No evaluation! No Fuss!
• Access to a resource library

Choose from one of the following presentations:

WHAT NEXT? - Use of formative assessment strategies and diagnostics - from Phillipa Cousins at Rossington St Michael's Primary.

What …          

  • - Lockdown resulted in children returning to school at vastly different starting points for the new school year.
  • - Potential misconceptions created through home learning.

So What …     

  • - Children needed to return to school and not be exposed to immediate testing but staff need to be informed of where gaps were. 
  • - Need for interventions that will support individual children’s specific needs.
  • - Children need exposure to the full curriculum and not be removed for interventions- creative timetable.

Now What…  

  • - Gap analysis through live marking and teacher assessments.
  • - End of half term, previous year NTS Summer assessments used.
  • - Gap analysis.
  • -Use of SHINE interventions.
  • - Fitness Fluency throughout the school.
  • - Targeted tutor time with high quality resources at the individual needs


RECONNECTING RELATIONSHIPS - Establishing behaviour routines and child self-regulation - Ruby’s Worry (Whole school well-being) - from Carolyn Buckley at Travis St. Lawrence Primary.

With an ever increasing need to focus on children’s wellbeing in school, here at Travis St Lawrence we have successfully combined whole school book study of a quality text with supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing. Through a text led, child centred approach, we have managed to focus on supporting children’s emotional needs whilst immersing them in different, quality picture books.

Not ground-breaking, nothing whizzy, just good books, explored with all of our children in a supportive way.

Our case study will explore why we chose this approach, the books we have used, the impact on our children and our recommended reads.


CREATING CONNECTIONS – our evidence informed approach to teaching, learning and curriculum design, underpinned by the principles of memory and metacognition – supporting children to know more and remember more  - from Julie Jenkinson and Claire Dunn at Bawtry Mayflower Primary.

This case study outlines how we have used the principles of memory and metacognition to inform our whole approach to teaching and learning. We exemplify how leaders at all levels have put evidence into practice - embedding the following key principles into the curriculum design of the subjects/areas they lead. 

  • - Retrieval practice 
  • - Building schema in the long-term memory 
  • - Distributed Practice 
  • - The 7-Step Model 
  • - Scaffolding children towards independence 



  • Venue Zoom
  • Start date 16/03/21
  • Time 16:30
  • Trainers Leaders from schools across Doncaster. Session 2 presentations from: Julie Jenkinson and Claire Dunn, Carolyn Buckley and Phillipa Cousins.
  • Audience All educational leaders
“The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go".
Dr Seuss