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May 2021

#DL30- Sharing the goodness

#DL30 is a group of primary and secondary leaders collaborating to share all the ‘goodness’ across Doncaster with support from Partners in Learning and the Local Authority.

The concept is simple:

• 30 minute session
• Select from 3 school presentations
• Have the opportunity to ask questions
• No evaluation! No Fuss!
• Access to a resource library

Choose from one of the following presentations:


Our curriculum - Our learning expeditions - from Andrea Tunney at Norton Infant and Norton Junior School.

Our curriculum approach is to teach knowledge and skills based content through cross-subject learning expeditions that last one school term and are rigorously mapped against the National Curriculum. These expeditions are designed around real-world issues to encourage pupils to make positive contributions and initiate change in their communities and further afield.


**NOW FULLY BOOKED**To ensure an effective transition from EYFS to Year One in order to address the impact of the national pandemic - from Ian Medwell at Town Field Primary.

Well planned, meaningful and interesting play experiences in the Early Years lead to engaged and motivated learners in Year One! However, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, many opportunities have missed for the children to practise skills and explore their interests. This case study looks at the importance of effective transition, including developing a Year One curriculum and learning environment to bridge the gaps and further develop skills for life-long learning.


Children Taking Risks - the art of not wrapping kids in cotton wool - from Lee Bell at Saltersgate Infant School.

Real play and learning means taking risks. Children are programmed to take risks - from crawling up stairs, trying new foods to climbing trees without fear. Unfortunately, we live in a risk adverse society which actively discourages playful risk taking. Since child-lead exploration is a fundamental approach to learning new skills, either in the classroom or outside, we do them no favour by preventing children from pushing the boundaries of their physical capabilities or withdrawing managed risk. Even the HSE says, "The goal is not to eliminate risk, but to weigh up the risks and benefits. No child will learn about risk if they are wrapped in cotton wool".

Children are susceptible to becoming timid, fearful and reluctant to take risks. At the opposite end of the scale, some children may have difficulty reading situations they face and take foolhardy risks, repeatedly landing in trouble. When children are given a chance to engage freely in adventurous play they learn quickly to assess their own skills and match them to the demands of the environment. Will this support my weight? Can I balance successfully? Who is around me? Are others safe if I do this? They become much more aware of their environments and can begin to assess situations intrinsically the more that they practice. They develop resilience and will try again and again until they conquer the problem they face or wisely avoid it, if that seems best. These are transferable skills that can be adopted then in a multitude of situations, even into academic practices.

So, don't wrap kids in cotton wool - we do them no favours!


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  • Venue Zoom
  • Start date 19/05/21
  • Time 16:00
  • Trainers Leaders from schools across Doncaster. Session 3 presentations from: Andrea Tunney, Ian Medwell and Lee Bell.
  • Audience All educational leaders
“It is not the strongest of the species that survived, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change".
Charles Darwin, 1809