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Research tells us that the two most significant factors in rapidly improving schools are the quality of leadership and the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Primary Head Teachers report difficulties in attracting and retaining talented teachers to the borough, mirroring the national picture, and recognise the need for quality teaching in schools, particularly those situated in areas of high deprivation. Alongside this, there is a need for a robust strategy for attracting and recruiting the best trainee teachers who are keen to work across Doncaster schools, something crucial to raising educational outcomes in Doncaster.

Over 20% of new teachers leave the profession within their first two years of teaching and 33% leave within the first five years (DfE 2018).  The development of a consistent approach to the training and development of both NQTs and early career teachers is crucial as part of the retention strategy for Doncaster.

Recruiting quality teachers is one of the underpinning themes as part of the DfE Social Mobility Opportunity Area delivery plan.

Key objective:

To create a well-trained, high quality and motivated teaching workforce for Doncaster schools.


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