Research and Development

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The focus is on supporting projects that show promising evidence of having a measurable impact on attainment or a directly related outcome. EEF are interested in testing projects’ effectiveness through robust independent evaluations, where appropriate as randomised controlled trials. If they are shown to have an impact, they should be able to be scaled up to improve outcomes for other disadvantaged children and young people.

The application round is now open and the application form can be downloaded from:

Proposals of particular interest include:

Maths at Key Stage 2/3. EEF are interested in approaches to improving teaching within these stages, as well as approaches to supporting pupils to make a successful transition between them.

Character/Life skill:  EEF are interested in projects that aim to develop a set of attitudes, skills and behaviours that are thought to underpin success in school and work, such as self-control, social skills, motivation, and resilience.

Science programmes across both primary and secondary schools, particularly those looking to improve whole class teaching through CPD.