Bespoke S2S Support

School to school support is increasingly promoted as a successful way of ensuring high standards in schools. Our support programme is an inclusive model and focuses on sharing and developing
approaches that have demonstrated impact for learners and building partnerships between

Thresholds of Support 

  • Level 1 Support Staff: HLTAs, TAs, LSAs and Office Management 
  • Level 2 Teaching Staff: Leading Teachers, Subject Leaders and Outstanding Practitioners 
  • Level 3 Senior Leaders: Specialist Leaders, Senior Leaders, Business Managers and Governors 
  • Level 4 Headship Level: Headteachers, Head of School, Advisory Headteacher, Local Leaders, National Leaders, LA Advisors and School Improvement Partners 
  • Level 5 Executive Roles: Executive Headteachers

Types of Support 

  • Level 1 Light Tough Support
  • Level 2 Specific-Development Support 
  • Level 3 Strategic Development 
  • Level 4 Intensive Programme 
  • Level 5 LA Directed or Contracted 

Areas of Support 

  • Senior Leadership Support 
  • Governance Support 
  • Subject Leadership Support 
  • Curriculum Development Support 
  • Early Years Support 
  • English/Literacy Support 
  • Mathematics Support 
  • Assessment Support (Including Marking and Feedback) 
  • Business and Financial Management Support 
  • School Visits (Observing Outstanding Practice in all Key Stages) 
  • Inclusion and SEN


All support can be requested by completing the Support Request Form on the School Improvement page. Alternatively, for further information please do not hesitate to contact