School Improvement

Bev Lockwood

School: Kirkby Avenue Primary School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Pupil Premium, Teaching and Learning, Inclusion, Phonics, Succession Planning, Use of and training of LSAs, Behaviour

Designation: NLE

I have been Headteacher at Kirkby Avenue Primary School for twelve years. I am a National Leader of Education and a National System Leader for Pupil Premium. Kirkby Avenue is also a strategic partner in the Teaching School Alliance - Partners in Learning. Our school was inspected by Ofsted in May 2015 and was judged as being Outstanding in all areas. I have worked as an Executive Headteacher and have supported as an NLE and earlier as an LLE in several schools in Doncaster, assisted by my very able staff. I have conducted Pupil Premium reviews across Doncaster, Hull and North Lincolnshire. We are committed, as a school, to the agenda of all children accessing the best that education can offer. As part of our drive to engage parents and streamline training for our own staff we are now an accredited Teaching and Learning Centre for the delivery of First Aid, Food Safety, Safeguarding, E-Safety and Functional Skills courses for parents and staff. We are also a National Model School for the phonics programme ‘Read, Write, Inc’ (since 2014). We pride ourselves on our record of closing the attainment gap for disadvantaged and SEN pupils through our excellent pastoral, emotional and mental health provision.

Beryce Nixon

School: Hill Top Academy, Edlington Victoria Academy, Carr Lodge Academy and Sandringham Primary School
Role: Executive Principal/CEO of Exceed Learning Partnership, Senior Partner of the Doncaster Challenge Partners Hub
Specialisms: Teaching and Learning, Assessment for Learning, Curriculum Development, Leadership Development, Data Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, School Improvement Planning

Designation: NLE

I am currently in my 13th year of Headship and, in April 2017, became Executive Principal and CEO of Exceed Learning Partnership Multi-Academy Trust. During my time as Head Teacher, Hill Top and Edlington Victoria schools both significantly raised their attainment and progress to achieve Ofsted judgements of ‘outstanding’ and ‘good’ respectively, after being in special measures. In September 2018 we welcomed Carr Lodge Academy into our Trust, working intensively with the academy to secure a ‘good’ judgement in January 2019. Sandringham Primary School joined us in December 2018, extending the Trust’s team of dedicated staff and securing the same high levels of learning provision for all our pupils. The many strengths of our Trust include; Teaching and Learning, Inclusion and Safeguarding, Curriculum Development, Early Years Education, Assessment, Data and Tracking, Initial Teacher Training, Outcomes and Provision for Pupil Premium Children. We lead on school to school support for Partners in Learning and have undertaken many intensive projects with schools that have been identified as at risk of a category or within category. This support work covers all aspects of the school, with the main focus being on raising attainment and progress of learners by improving the quality of Teaching and Learning. To further this, the Trust has a number of Specialist Leaders of Education who work on a one to one basis, covering a range of development priorities. As part of our work, we have offered bespoke training for individual schools. Within our academies, our ethos 'Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day!' is fostered in all aspects of our work in order to ensure that we strive for the very best education for the pupils in our care.

Susie Arnold

School: Branton St Wilfrid’s C of E Primary School 
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Leadership Development, Improving Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Development, Data Analysis, Governor Development.

Designation: LLE

I have been a headteacher for 13 years across South Yorkshire. My first Headship was in Sheffield in an inner city school with 500 pupils. I took this school from RI to good despite the very challenging and complex nature of the school context. We maintained the good judgement three times despite changing Ofsted frameworks and more challenging accountability measures.

I have now been in Doncaster for the last 3 years. Although my main school is Branton St Wilfrid’s I have worked as an Executive Head at Askern Spa Juniors for two terms and as a StEP to a number of schools in Doncaster over the last two years. I thoroughly enjoy my job as a Headteacher and have supported Branton so that it is now judged as a good school by Ofsted.

Prior to my current role I was a School Improvement Advisor in Rotherham working across 30 schools in a range of different phases and contexts.

Rebecca Austwick

School: Bentley High Street Primary School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Management, English, Assessment, Curriculum and Professional Learning.

Designation: LLE

I am proud to be the Headteacher at Bentley High Street Primary School which is one of the largest schools in Doncaster. I have been part of the successful senior leadership team for 9 years and have been an integral part of the school’s development. I have been lucky enough to develop the existing senior leadership team and am proud of the praise they received in our recent Ofsted where we were recognised as being a Good school. As a school, we are committed to our investment in professional development in order to raise outcomes for our pupils.

I have recently been awarded LLE status having previously worked as Specialist Leader of Education for Partners in Learning. I have undertaken this role for almost 6 years. I have established a reputation as an efficient and effective system leader through my work across both primary and secondary schools in Doncaster. This role has provided me with great experience in working with a range of schools in varying contexts and with a variety of challenges. I have been fortunate to contribute to a wealth of initiatives in my role as a system leader and feel that this has been integral in developing my skills in leadership and facilitation.


Jo Ayres


School: St Alban’s Catholic Primary School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Curriculum Development, Independency and attitudes to learning, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Attendance, School improvement plan, Contingency planning (maternity and long term sickness absence), Refurbishment on a (tight) budget

Designation: LLE

As Headteacher at St. Alban’s Catholic Primary I believe I hold a privileged position that allows me the opportunity to educate, nurture and inspire a future generation. Since taking up my post in September 2006, the school has faced significant challenge due to, ‘unique circumstances beyond anyone’s control’ (an Ofsted observation in 2011). However, the sometimes-precarious situation the school has found itself in has never been seen as a barrier, or used as an excuse. On the contrary, we have maintained a ‘can do’ culture and worked hard to realise our ambition to drive improvement across our school. This commitment and determination led to our Good Ofsted judgement in September 2014, an achievement the school had not previously gained.

I was designated as an LLE in December 2015.

Nurture is at the heart of our school’s mission and provides tailored support to ensure all of our children are equipped with the social and emotional skills and spiritual maturity they need to help them become more independent learners. Our holistic topic approach is popular with parents because it engages and inspires our children, who are excited about their curriculum leading to positive attitudes to learning.

Creating opportunities that allow the whole child to grow and develop are at the centre of my practice. If it’s going to benefit the children, enrich their experience and lead them towards life long learning, I will find a way to make it happen. Facing challenges with both determination and resilience, I think and plan strategically and always have a backup plan that isn’t always conventional!


Neil Butler

School: Green Top, Thorne
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Not enough good teaching, Pace and productivity, Independency and attitudes to learning, Monitoring, Leaders and Teaching, School Improvement Planning, Mathematics

Designation: LLE

I have been Headteacher of Green Top for three and a half years. Previous to this, I led Penshurst Primary School in Hessle for three years. Both schools were judged to be Requires Improvement / Satisfactory when I arrived and are now both are ‘Good’ schools, Green Top was judged in November 2014. Green Top has many strengths in particular Inclusion, Safeguarding and Behavior, which all were judged Outstanding in November 2014. These strengths are built on strong leadership at all levels, rigorous evaluation and a passion for Teaching and Learning. I was designated as a Local Leader of Education in December 2014 and became supporting schools along with my staff, in areas of; leadership development, accountability, learning behaviors and polices, restorative practice and Teaching and Learning. Our support with other schools is based around working ‘with’ teachers, communities and the children, seeking their views on how improvement can be made. Through building relationships with school communities the learning process can be dramatically improved and more importantly be sustained.

Diane Collins

School: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Primary School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Ethos, School Development Planning, Leadership and Management, Learning 

Designation: LLE

I have been Headteacher of Our Lady of Perpetual Help since 2012. In 2016, we achieved a ‘good with outstanding features’ judgement from Ofsted. In March 2018, our Section 48 Inspection judged Our Lady’s to be outstanding. We have a deep knowledge of our children as individuals and we include our community and their needs in our provision. A key strength is the support we give our families, particularly the most vulnerable. Our ‘Magic Breakfast’ provision ensures no child starts the day too hungry to learn. We aim to ensure our curriculum reflects the bespoke needs of our pupils, making the best of the rich tapestry of gifts and talents of each child. We aim to provide first hand experiences to widen knowledge and skill across all curriculum areas, with a priority on deepening learning through mastery for all.

Shelley Fisher

School: Arksey Primary School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Attainment, progress, mixed year group classes, independence and attitudes to learning, health and safety, attendance, monitoring for progress, mathematics and key stage two

Designation: LLE

I am delighted to continue to be a Headteacher at Arksey Primary School, having recently celebrated my thirteenth year in the post. Our school is one of the smallest in Doncaster and I have a real passion for developing and supporting staff through challenge and encouragement, to ensure pupils are given the best opportunities to learn. This led to a good OfSTED judgement in 2012, retained in 2017.  I am keen to ensure individualised assessments of need and appropriate personalised responses are secured for all children, through robust tracking procedures. I am particularly eager to ensure that the children's learning is personalised and relevant as our small cohorts and the high proportion of children from travelling families make a huge difference to the way the school operates and the outcomes the pupils achieve. The behaviour and attitudes of our children are key to the school's success and I lead the work of the school in this area to encourage everyone at the school to have a great attitude to learning for life.

Jeremy Harris

School: Hatchell Wood Primary School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Attainment, Progress, Different group underperformance, Monitoring, School Improvement Planning

Designation: LLE

I have been a Headteacher in Doncaster for eight years. I previously worked in Nottinghamshire and Doncaster in a range of schools mainly in socially deprived areas. Having been through a baptism of fire of three Ofsted inspections in four years, we well know the journey of ‘Getting to Good’ in our school going from Satisfactory to Requires Improvement to Good. It was a long journey of restructuring personnel, processes and values. Our school is now an academy as part of the Rose Learning Trust.  It is our belief that working as a team, being outward facing and collaborating with other schools and organisations makes us a stronger organisation better able to deliver the best life chances for our children. 

Adrian Hayes

School: Norton Junior School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Data Analysis, ICT, Empowering Leadership, Developing Systems and Strategy, Creativity, Behaviour and Relationships

Designation: LLE

I have been very lucky to work with some inspirational teachers and leaders in my career, within 2 authorities and in 4 contrasting schools. During this time, I have taught across the full primary phase from Nursery to Y6, giving me a well-rounded experience and sound understanding of the challenges and rewards each phase holds. I love getting my teeth into something new or a little different and I have led on all core subjects and almost every foundation area which I feel has put me in a strong position to be an effective leader.

 I am now in the 5th year of my first headship and at our last inspection in 2017, the HMI stated, ‘This is a good school heading towards outstanding and not too far away.’ We have faced the classic journey of needing to make rapid progress and have moved from LA category 5 to Category 1 in less than 4 years. What I am most proud of is that we have done this together as a school team with passion, clarity, determination and without sacrificing the wider curriculum! It’s easy to hide behind the cloud of accountability but it’s harder to roll up your sleeves, stand up to be counted and fight for what you believe in…

Sharon Hutchinson

School: Adwick Primary School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Teaching & Learning; Leadership & Management; Monitoring & Evaluation; School Development Planning; Phonics; Safeguarding; and Amalgamation.

Designation: LLE

I have been Headteacher at Adwick Primary School since September 2012. The Infant and Junior school amalgamated in January 2013 to form a 2 form entry primary school that runs over a split site. The school moved its judgement from ‘Inadequate’ to ‘Good’ in all areas in July 2015. We continue to raise the quality of Teaching & Learning as a main priority through strong leadership at all levels; rigorous monitoring, evaluation and accountability systems; and tailored CPD for all staff. Our school ethos of 'Children First’ drives our decisions in order to provide the very best school experience for every child in our school.

Janis James

School: Inspiring Futures Academy Trust (Bentley High Street Primary School, Rosedale Primary School, Willow Primary School.)
Role: Chief Education Officer
Specialisms: Leadership Development, Teaching and Learning, Succession Planning and Curriculum Development.

Designation: LLE

Having been involved in the development of Partners in Learning since 2013, I am proud of the educational impact it is making to schools both within and beyond Doncaster.

I am the CEO of an academy trust based in Doncaster and all my recent school improvement work has been with schools in challenging circumstances. I gain great job satisfaction from supporting the development of school leaders and systems that result in an improved quality of education for all children. Prior to becoming a CEO, I was the head teacher at Bentley High Street Primary School for 12 years. I led the school to Ofsted Outstanding in 2010 and 2015. Succession planning is a key to the continuing success of our schools and I believe passionately in the impact of quality professional development linked to evidenced-based research.

Currently I am part of the teaching school strategy group and I also attend trustee meetings as part of this role. I represent Partners in Learning on the Doncaster Inclusion Board and the Primary Aspirations Group. I am experienced in delivering training, moreover, I am proud of the LLE and SLE’s within our trust who contribute to the wider system in Doncaster and beyond.

Julie Jenkinson

School: Bawtry Mayflower Primary School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Attainment, Progress, Independency and attitudes to learning, Monitoring, Middle Leaders, Leaders and Teaching, School Improvement Planning

Designation: LLE

I am an experienced primary Headteacher with over 20 years’ experience of working in schools across Doncaster. I have been Headteacher at Bawtry Mayflower Primary School since September 2007. Our school was judged as Good in March 2011. We continue to work hard to raise attainment and progress across school. I believe that our success lies in strong relationships between staff, children and the local community. I am committed to school improvement through staff development. At Bawtry we all work together to ensure that the children make good progress while they are with us. Our school has particular strengths in differentiation and independent learning through the use of the Chilli Challenge approach, systems for monitoring Teaching and Learning, self-evaluation and the teaching of phonics. We work with other schools to develop ITT students and have developed a system to support NQTs within our cluster of schools. As part of our support to other schools we have supported the monitoring of Teaching and Learning and worked with individual teachers to strengthen the quality of teaching.

Faye Parish

School: Sheep Dip Lane Primary School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Attainment, Progress, Different group underperformance, Not enough good teaching, Safeguarding, School Improvement Planning, Early Years

Designation: LLE

I have been the Headteacher of Sheep Dip Lane Primary for the last three and a half years and teaching at the school for sixteen years. I am a Local Leader of Education and the school has been recently judged as Good by Ofsted. The school continues to raise attainment and progress as a main priority and won a Pupil Premium Award in 2014. The many strengths of the school are; Teaching and Learning, Safeguarding, Early Years Education, Assessment, Data and Tracking and Outcomes and Provision for Pupil Premium Children. As part of the support, we lead on school to school support for Doncaster Teaching School Alliance. We have undertaken support around safeguarding for schools and projects with schools who have been identified as at risk of a category. This project work covers all aspects with the main focus being on raising attainment and progress for children by improving the quality of Teaching and Learning through partnership working. As part of project work, our school has outstanding, experienced staff who within the support can offer bespoke training for individual schools. Within our school the ethos is 'Excellence and Enjoyment for All' this carries through all of our work to ensure that we strive for the very best education we can give for all pupils, maximising learning every day.

David Richardson

School: Sunnyfields Primary School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Developing systems and strategies, strengthening leadership, succession planning, developing whole school improvement processes.

Designation: LLE

I have had the privilege of working across three Local Authorities. I have worked in a large junior school in Leeds before moving to a small primary school in Wakefield where levels of deprivation in the school were high. While working in Wakefield, I led science in the school and was responsible for coordinating special educational needs. My passion for inclusion led me to study for a post graduate qualification in inclusive education for children with special educational needs.

I joined Sunnyfields Primary School in 2009 as an Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for SEND and science. I was promoted to Deputy Head Teacher in 2013 and became the Head Teacher in 2014.

I have supported Partners in Learning by providing workshops for initial teacher training and for middle leadership colleagues. I have also spent time working alongside other schools in Doncaster coaching and mentoring leadership teams to support whole school improvement.

Throughout my time at Sunnyfields, I have ensured that inclusion of children has remained at the centre of the schools development. I am also passionate about work force development and have spent the last five years developing a sustainable model of leadership at Sunnyfields Primary School.

Diane Risley

School: Tickhill Estfeld Primary School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Attainment, Progress, Leaders and Teaching, Writing

Designation: LLE

I have been the Headteacher at Tickhill Estfeld Primary School for eight years and believe that the strength of our school lies in leadership and teamwork. We work together to ensure that pupils make good progress throughout their time in our school, taking collective responsibility for the progress and attainment of all pupils. It is important that everybody feels valued and knows that they are vital to the success of our school. I firmly believe that supportive working relationships are the key to our achievements. At Estfeld we place a high priority on creativity. Literacy and writing is a particular strength of the school. We have a thematic approach to the curriculum and ensure that the vital literacy and numeracy skills are also embedded in the wider curriculum. Our pupils have the opportunity to experience a varied curriculum and have access to a wide range of extra-curricular activities. There are many opportunities for al to excel.

Claire Robinson

School: Barnby Dun Primary Academy
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Attainment, Progress, Different group underperformance, Monitoring, School Improvement Planning, Self-evaluation

Designation: LLE

I have been a teacher for over twenty years and have taught in a range of schools in Leicestershire, Scunthorpe and most recently Doncaster. I have had the pleasure of being Head Teacher at Barnby Dun Primary since January 2008. I have led the school through three successful Ofsted Inspections in February 2009, February 2012 and July 2016. We have been graded as good overall, with some outstanding aspects in all three inspections. We are a highly ambitious, forward-thinking, reflective school who genuinely believe everything we do should be about providing the absolute best for our children. We became a converter academy in June 2012.

We are proud to be recognised as an Artsmark Gold and International School. Our curriculum is engaging and fresh and our children play a key role in determining the direction we take, what and how they learn. Pupil voice is incredibly important and we have recently been reaccredited with the Investors in Pupils standard. We are passionate about outdoor learning and lucky to have an outdoor classroom which is central to our working towards the Eco-schools Green Flag.

Our outcomes for 2016 were above National for GLD, at National for year 1 phonics, above National at KS1 and above National for reading, writing, maths and EGPS at KS2. I feel we could offer other schools particular strengths in English and Maths and I have a group of staff who have already enjoyed sharing our good practice with two schools in RI. Our whole school attendance continues to be a main focus each year, having risen from 93% when I joined the school, to sustaining 97.8% for three consecutive years which is the highest in our LA.

I am currently undertaking my second deployment as an LLE supporting an RI school on their journey towards good. Last year I supported a school in very challenging circumstances as an Executive Head and worked with their IEB to bring stability and direction. As an experienced Head, I am very focused, resilient and calm under pressure, I feel I can offer practical, realistic solutions as well as build confidence and capacity in others. I am a great believer in never losing sight of the reason we are all here – the children- and even in the most demanding times, retaining a sense of humour!


Vicky Stinson

School: Owston Park Primary School
Role: Headteacher
Specialisms: Leadership of teaching and learning, Monitoring of performance, Progress for under-performing groups, Middle leaders

Designation: LLE

I have been teaching for 26 years and in a leadership role for 18 of those in two very different schools. I have had LLE designation for three years and in that time have supported a number of schools with the development of middle and senior leaders. I feel strongly that children should not be inhibited by their environment or lifestyle and that leaders in schools have a moral responsibility to develop a curriculum that provides opportunities for all children to flourish in and beyond school. Therefore my passion lies with developing all teachers as leaders; enabling them to recognise, develop and share their talents to enable strong outcomes for children whatever their starting points.

Carol Ann Turner

School: Littlemoor Children’s Centre & School and Askern Moss Road Infant School
Role: Executive Headteacher
Specialisms: Teaching & Learning, Curriculum Development, Phonics & Early Reading, Early Years, Key Stage 1.

Designation: LLE

I have been in teaching for 30 years, beginning my career in a primary school before moving to Littlemoor Infant School in 1998. I became the Deputy shortly afterwards, becoming the head teacher in 2011. The school is currently rated Outstanding, consistently achieving KS1 outcomes which are above the national in Reading, Writing and Maths.

I am passionate about all children having access to education of the highest quality and my dedicated staff are totally committed to ensuring that all children achieve their full potential. I am proud to lead a team who work hard to deliver a rich and challenging curriculum, preparing children for future education and helping them acquire the skills and enthusiasm needed to pursue learning for the rest of their lives.

Kara Adams

School: Hill Top Academy
Role: Assistant Principal/SENDCO
Specialisms: Key Stage One, English, Phonics, SEN, ITT/NQT

Designation: SLE

I have been a Senior Leader and SENDCO at Hill Top since 2009 and thoroughly enjoy this role. I am currently curriculum lead and upper KS2 phase Leader but over the years I have taught and led in all three primary phases in school giving me an in depth insight into all year groups. This year I have been working towards obtaining the NPHQ and hope to secure the qualification in early January 2020.

I have been a Specialist Leader of Education for six years and work in a school that has National Support School Status where my Executive Principal is a National Leader of Education. The school was judged outstanding in 2011 and continues to raise attainment and progress as a main priority. The many strengths of the school are Teaching & Learning, Inclusion and Safeguarding, Curriculum Development, Early Years Education, Assessment, Data & Tracking, Initial Teacher Training, Outcomes & Provision for Pupil Premium Children.

As part of the support, we lead on school to school support for the teaching school. We have undertaken many intensive projects with schools that have been identified as at risk of a category or within category. This support work covers all aspects of the school with the main focus being on raising attainment and progress of learners by improving the quality of teaching & learning. As part of our work, we have offer bespoke training for individual schools and I am very much a part of this.

Within school our ethos 'Every child, every chance, every day!' is fostered in all aspects of our work in order to ensure that we strive for the very best education for the pupils within our care.

Claire Blagden

School: Kirk Sandall Infant School Academy
Role: Deputy Headteacher
Specialisms: EYFS, Leadership of the Curriculum, Phonics, ITT 

Designation: SLE

I have been teaching in early years for the past twelve years and have been a specialist leader of education for early years for the past five years. I am currently embracing in the role of Deputy Head at Kirk Sandall Infant Academy and have a teaching responsibility for our seventy eight place Nursery. I offer support and challenge in all aspects of the early year’s framework to schools and settings across the maintained, independent, private and voluntary sectors and to children’s centres, child- minders and multi-agency professionals. Through consultancy and training, I promote best practice and quality improvement and facilitate early intervention, inclusion and transition for children across Early Years.

Sarah Boyd

School: Saltersgate Junior School
Role: Class teacher, Year 3 leader, Music manager, PSHE manager, RE manager and Anti-bullying coordinator
Specialisms: Leadership of the curriculum, Middle management, English, Teaching and Learning, planning and delivering exciting educational opportunities, Mentoring (ITT included), Heallthy Schools, Anti-bullying

Designation: SLE

I have worked at Saltersgate Junior School for the past 7 years, beginning my career at the school as an NQT. I feel I have been welcomed into a fantastic environment where I have been nurtured, able to flourish and my skills have been developed considerably. In the past 7 years, there have been considerable changes to the curriculum that has meant that I have had to adapt my practice accordingly. Being part of an Outstanding school means that I am constantly looking to develop and improve my practice. I am constantly striving to maintain the Outstanding grading I have been given both in informal and OFSTED observations, looking at new and innovative ways to inspire the children and promote a love of learning, being extremely reflective of my own practice. I am highly motivated and I believe that working with others is an excellent way of developing my own and others skills and I strongly believe in collaboration in order to achieve the best results. Over the course of my career, I have taken on a coaching and mentoring role, from new members of staff at school to NQT’s and student teachers, and, more recently, professionals from other schools. This is a role I have thoroughly enjoyed and believe I have excelled in, as I have watched these people develop into outstanding practitioners. More recently, I have been part of a Reading initiative within my school, with a focus on the 2A, 2B and 2D reading domains, where I have had to lead training and support other staff in creating a cohesive approach to reading comprehension across the school. Through this pilot scheme, I have supported children across the age range, in small groups, to see that the ideas are successful in improving reading fluency and comprehension, particularly with children deemed as having a special educational need. As a result of this, I was asked to present my findings to colleagues from other schools at a recent ‘Teachmeet.’ This, as well as other areas of English, is my passion and the area I feel is my strength.

Nina Brannon

School: Kirk Sandall Infant Academy
Role: Head of School
Specialisms: EYFS (including two-year provision), Leadership of the Curriculum, Assessment, Phonics

Designation: SLE

I am an experienced SLE in Early Years who is currently embracing the role of Head of School at Kirk Sandall Infant Academy. I have had experience of working as a Local Authority funded AST and Local Authority Early Years Consultant. I have worked across Early Years and Key Stage One throughout my extensive teaching career. This has allowed me to work closely with many Doncaster schools. I currently am a nationally accredited Early Years Foundation Stage Profile moderator. Within my teaching career I have led the Early Years Foundation Stage. My areas of expertise in Early Years include Assessment within EYFS and how to accelerate progress. I am experienced in innovative practice in EYFS curriculum in child led learning and outdoor learning including Forest School practice. I have also led on the use of assessment of data across my own school. I have provided phonics training and support for colleagues and parents, and to schools and nursery settings in the local area. I work within a strong leadership team who are continually aspiring to excellence. I facilitate training in my specialist area for a range of practitioners, including support staff, initial teaching training students, NQTs, RQTs and experienced teachers. I have been a SLE for three years and have a mixture of short and long term deployments.

Felicity Burton

School: Hatchell Wood Primary Academy
Role: Deputy Headteacher
Specialisms: Literacy, Lower Key Stage 2, Teaching and Learning, Learning Outside the Classroom

Designation: SLE

I have worked at Hatchell Wood Academy for 5 years leading Lower Key Stage 2, Literacy and Learning Outside the Classroom. I have taught in both Key Stage 1 and 2 and in my current role as Deputy Headteacher I am responsible for Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, staff CPD and assessment. As an SLE I have supported local schools to help improve teaching and learning as well as in specific curriculum areas.

Nichola Clark

School: Hill Top Academy
Role: Vice Principal
Specialisms: English and Drama, Behaviour and Attendance, Teaching and Learning

Designation: SLE

I have been the Assistant Principal at Hill Top Academy for the past eleven years and have taken on the new role of Vice Principal this academic year. I am also a Specialist Leader and have worked in several schools to develop Literacy and behaviour systems. I am thoroughly committed to my roles and strive to promote the best education for all pupils both within my own school and externally. Our school is a National Support School and collaboratively we pride ourselves on dissemination and the sharing of practice to achieve the best possible outcomes for children within Doncaster.

As part of my Senior Leadership role, I have led on several School Improvement areas that demonstrate sustained impact within the school. Attendance and Behaviour have been a key focus for my work and clear systems and procedures are embedded within the school ethos.

My role as SLE has strengthened my leadership skills. The opportunities to coach and mentor practitioners across various schools as part of Partners in Learning has enabled me to share my passion for Teaching and Learning and develop strong networks across the Borough.


Natasha Clemitshaw

School: Canon Popham CE Primary School
Role: Upper Key Stage 2 class teacher/Science subject leader
Specialisms: Upper KS2/Maths/Science

Designation: SLE

I have worked for twenty years at Canon Popham CE Primary School in Edenthorpe. My experience is mainly within KS2 and predominantly in years 5 and 6. Over the last 6 years, whilst in Year 6, I have achieved consistently good and outstanding outcomes in terms of my own classroom practice, with pupils achieving good progress and outcomes above national in my specialism of maths. I have a real passion for the teaching of Maths and for engaging children in this subject. I have been a subject leader in 2 key roles in school- Maths and Science- and therefore have a wealth of experience in middle leadership. As a result of my success as maths lead, and to broaden my skills in leadership, I took on the key role of science leadership at a time when this was identified as an area in need of significant development across the school. My input resulted in a successful PSQM application and a very successful outcome, with science noted as a strength of the school in our last Ofsted inspection. I am currently working with a group of 4 science lead teachers to develop a method of delivering and recording more effectively the elements of science investigation work that allow pupils to build their skills that are necessary to effectively transition to secondary school science. I have also worked with colleagues both internally and from other schools, with them observing teaching and through professional dialogue around effective teaching strategies for maths.   I am a mentor for ITT students and enjoy working alongside others to support them on their journey and to help them reach their full potential. I feel that my new role as an SLE will be another great opportunity to do this. I believe that by working together this will have a positive impact on the quality of teaching and the progress and outcomes for children.

Melanie Cokeham

School: Sandringham Primary School
Role: Assistant Headteacher
Specialisms: Assessment and Moderation, Curriculum development – including the development of Subject Leaders and Foundation Subject Assessment, ITT

Designation: SLE

During my time at Sandringham over the last eleven years, I have implemented significant curriculum changes that have had a positive outcome on the school’s writing attainment and am continually working to develop new opportunities and experiences for our children.

As part of my ‘Curriculum Leader’ role, I have been mentored subject leaders throughout the school to develop knowledge of their subject; this work has included the use of work audits, pupil voice and data analysis. Subject leaders were then able to compile a report about their subject and share their findings as part of presentations to the head.

Following up this first stage of work, I have worked with each leader to create focused action plans for the year ahead. The work is having a positive impact on curriculum provision at our school and is ensuring that all children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum delivered through high quality teaching.

During the last two academic years, I established the school’s involvement with the ITT programme in Doncaster, mentoring three trainees, who have all qualified at an outstanding level. The support and paperwork that I have provided was credited as an example of outstanding practice.

In line with the new curriculum and government requirements, I have worked to establish a robust and efficient assessment system in school, with a strong moderation cycle in place. The systems implemented led to good outcomes in 2016 and 2017 and have been quality assured by an external moderation visit in Year 2. In the last year, I have worked with subject leaders to develop an approach to assessment in foundation subjects.

This year will be my third year as an SLE and I am looking forward to working with different schools to provide support, expand my own horizons and contribute towards more children achieving their potential.

Sarah Cronin

School: Castle Hills Primary School
Role: Deputy Headteacher
Specialisms: EYFS, Phonics, Outdoor Learning

Designation: SLE

I am a devoted Early Years Practitioner who has a proven track record in working relentlessly to improve outcomes for all pupils. I am currently embracing the diversity of my role as Deputy Headteacher and LA moderator whilst also leading EYFS, KS1, phonics, Pupil Premium and LAC.

A key strength of mine has been in closing the gap in EYFS and KS1 by implementing robust tracking and data analysis systems, identifying vulnerable children and putting early intervention into place to ensure accelerated progress.

I am able to support innovative practice in the provision of the EYFS curriculum and I firmly believe in creating professional development opportunities for all staff. I welcome visits to my own setting and will work with staff to realise the potential in theirs. I am experienced in developing an enriching curriculum both indoors and outdoors, outstanding learning environments and developing strong partnerships with parents.

I have experience in rapidly improving phonics screening results in my own school through identifying weaknesses, implementing a complete restructure, delivering CPD to improve subject knowledge and in turn the teaching of phonics.

I regularly deliver training to a wide range of audiences to support CPD in Early Years across Doncaster Local Authority. I have a proven track record as a mentor for teachers, NQTs, support staff and developing middle leadership. I have a strong commitment to school improvement and I am driven by my belief that all children have a right to the highest standards of education.

Maz Cullen

School: Town Field Primary School
Role: Senior leader / Literacy Leader / KS1 Leader
Specialisms: Literacy / Transition from EYFS to Year 1/ Behaviour management / Oracy

Designation: SLE

During my ten years at Town Field primary school, I have worked as a class teacher and within the middle and senior leadership teams. I have experience of teaching within both key stages however the majority of my experience has been within key stage one. I have supported colleagues within year one across schools within Doncaster with transition from EYFS to year one and I feel passionate about using a phased approach from the EYFS to national curriculum. During my time a senior leader, I have led Literacy across school and KS1. I have also worked with several trainee teachers within the ITT programme and coached NQT’s with specific programmes of support. I feel passionate about sustaining committed and creative practitioners within Doncaster and I have really enjoyed working alongside colleagues in the very early stages of their teaching careers. As part of my new leadership role this year, I am currently leading on Oracy which I feel will enhance learning experiences for children in all areas of the curriculum.

I believe that providing a shared approach of good practice is key to teaching as well as leadership and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my colleagues across Doncaster and forming positive relationships during this time. As I begin my third year as an SLE, I look forward to forming new relationships and links with other teachers and other schools which will in turn have a positive impact on children.

Jenny D'Rozario

School: Town Field Primary School
Role: Y6 Teacher, Reading Lead
Specialisms: English, Reading, Fluency, Writing in KS2, NQT support

Designation: SLE

I have been a teacher at Town Field Primary School for the past five years, having completed my teacher training here through the Partners in Learning ITT Programme. During this time, I have become an established Key Stage Two practitioner and have taught in Year 6 for the past three years. My core specialism within school is English where I have a particular responsibility for reading. I have recently designed and implemented a new approach to reading which has had a significant impact on pupil outcomes across school.

In addition to my in-school role, I have been involved in delivering a range of CPD sessions on behalf of Partners in Learning and Doncaster Local Authority as well as the Learners First NPQML programme. Such sessions have included NQT workshops, strategies for the teaching of reading comprehension, supporting EAL learners in the classroom and reading fluency. I have also been a KS2 writing moderator for the past two years. Further to this, I have worked as an SLE for the OA Doncaster Literacy Programme and have worked as NQT mentor across Doncaster as part of the Department for Education’s South Yorkshire Futures project.

I feel incredibly fortunate to work on behalf of Partners in Learning as an SLE. The many opportunities I have had to work with colleagues beyond my own school have been incredibly rewarding and am excited by the prospect of partaking in a strategically planned, collaborative learning process.

Rachel Emery

School: Bentley New Village Primary School
Role: SENCo; TA support, training & development
Specialisms: SEND provision, teaching and learning

Designation: SLE

I have taught at New Village school for a number of years with a range of responsibilities – SENCo being my main area of expertise. I have been an integral part of the many and successful changes implemented in the school and have been proud to note the improvements and successes that this has resulted in - culminating in a very recent and successful OfSted in May 2019.

As the SENCo, I have been the driving force behind the implementation of a series of highly productive and impactful systems and processes that have allowed the school to closely monitor the progress and achievements of SEN pupils. These systems have been essential in enabling the school to provide accurate challenge and support in and out of the classroom along with pertinent and productive staff training. I have recognised the importance of building and fostering staff relationships through support, guidance and training so that all pupils – including those with SEN – get the very best of everyone in the school. As a result of my approach, I have built a very productive and proficient team linked with teaching, learning and tracking SEN pupils.

I am also part of the wider school Inclusion Team where I work closely with the lead for developing and supporting children with SEMH issues so that a bespoke learning programme can be delivered and closely tracked. As a school, we have been incredibly successful at identifying individual needs, addressing these and supporting children accessing the relevant curriculum.

Richard Fairgrieve

School: Kirk Sandall Junior School
Role: Deputy Headteacher
Specialisms: Key Stage Two, Maths, Teaching and Learning, Behaviours for learning, Year 6

Designation: SLE

I have worked at Kirk Sandall Junior School (part of the Kirk Sandall Academy Trust) for eleven years and have taught Year 6 for the past eight years.

I am responsible for Maths across school and as a school we have focussed heavily in recent years in deepening understanding and the application of skills. I am passionate about building up confidence in maths and resilience when tackling difficult problems. More recently we have been working on developing children’s reasoning and explanations in maths. Having worked in Year 6 for a number of years, I have a secure understanding of Teaching and Learning and have supported colleagues in my own school and as an SLE in others with planning, Teaching & Learning and assessment (particularly at the end of Key Stage 2). As an SLE is have also had a number of successful deployments working with maths leaders who are new to the role.

Across the Kirk Sandall Academy Trust, I have worked as part of a team of people who have researched and implemented work on Learning Behaviours, introducing Learning Powers – transforming the learning behaviour of our children.

Bev Fallowfield

School: Mexborough Highwoods Academy
Role: Director of School Business
Specialisms: Business Management, Attendance, Finance

Designation: SLE

I have been the School Business Manager at Highwoods Academy (formerly Mexborough Highwoods Primary School) for the last thirteen years. I am a member of the Senior Leadership Team within the school and work alongside the Senior Leaders to continue to raise attainment and progress in school. As an SLE I have been deployed to work with other schools within the Local Authority to support school admin teams and new and existing School Business Managers. Alongside two other SLEs, I have developed CPD training sessions aimed at new and existing School Business Managers, which can be delivered as part of the CPD directory and on a one to one bespoke basis. I also co-deliver the School Business Manager Network Sessions for all Doncaster Schools, helping to promote collaborative working and to share best practise and ideas.

Sarah Fletcher

School: Town Field Primary School
Role: Inclusion Leader
Specialisms: EYFS, SEN/D and Inclusion

Designation: SLE

As an Inclusion and Early Years specialist I am thoroughly enjoying my SLE role. I have had experience of delivering training SEN/D related training at both a whole school level and across Doncaster to support inclusive practice and to ensure all our children have the opportunity to be the best they can be. I am very passionate and proud of our inclusive ethos and am happy to share this with others. I am also able to offer support and challenge to SENCo’s in a range of areas such as; the development of person centred planning, developing effective support plans, analysing data and provision mapping. As an EYFS practitioner I believe in giving our young children the best possible start in life and my 10 years EYFS experience enables me to ensure principles of high quality early years practice are embraced and embedded within my school and has enabled me to offer support and guidance to other EYFS practitioners and leaders. My particular specialisms within EYFS include Foundation 1 teaching and learning, EYFS environment, assessment and early intervention. My experience enables me to be able to offer support to both maintained and private voluntary and independent settings. My experience as an SLE to date has been short term deployments and training. I am looking forward to continuing to support school to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children.

Emma Fox

School: Southfield Primary School
Role: Deputy Headteacher
Specialisms: Closing the Gap, English Leadership, Pupil Premium Leadership

Designation: SLE

I am in my fifth year of Deputy Headship at Southfield Primary School. I am the Specialist Subject Lead for English across our MAT of four schools and I lead Key Stage Two at Southfield.  I am a trained facilitator and coach for both the Improving and Outstanding Teacher Programme and the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme. Working as an SLE, I have supported at a number of local schools on both short term and a longer term, secondment type basis. I am a lead for several schools for the Opportunity Area/EEF Literacy Project. I also lead on Pupil Premium and carry out Pupil Premium health checks for Partners in Learning. This year I am part of the Challenge Partners programme for the first time. I have recently completed the NPQH qualification.

Sarah Gallacher

School: Rosedale Primary School
Role: Assistant Headteacher
Specialisms: Mathematics, Phonics, KS1

Designation: SLE

I have been Assistant Headteacher at Rosedale Primary School for the last 18 months, prior to that having taught at Bentley High Street Primary School for several years and completing secondments as Assistant Headteacher at Town Field Primary School and as Deputy Headteacher at Edenthorpe Hall Primary School. In my current role I am responsible for English, Assessment, CPD, Computing and Key Stage 1.

I have experience teaching in both Key Stage One and Two, as well as previously having been music and ICT coordinator. Since becoming a SLE I have supported teachers in several schools with Teaching and Learning in a range of subjects. I have been involved in delivering a range of CPD for Partners in Learning. I am an accredited facilitator and coach for the Improving and Outstanding Teacher Programmes. I have a specialism in phonics, having implemented a new phonics programme in three schools and delivered training on phonics to both teachers and support staff. In addition to this, I have provided bespoke training personalised to school needs. I also have a specialism in maths, having completed the Maths Specialist Teacher Programme and through this have a good understanding of developing maths provision in school. I have worked a lot with trainee teachers over the past ten years, having been a mentor for teachers on several different programmes. I have also delivered training to trainee teachers.

Nicola Gatt

School: Sunnyfields Primary School
Role: Assistant Head Teacher
Specialisms: Maths, Teaching and Learning, Assessment

Designation: SLE

During the past 4 years I have been an established Senior Leader at Sunnyfields Primary School. Prior to this I taught in Barnsley for 7 years. I am currently responsible for leading on assessment in school and for teaching and learning. In the past my roles have also included maths lead and Key Stage Two lead. I work at a thriving school with a team of passionate and talented teachers who all strive to achieve the very best for the pupils that we teach. During my time at Sunnyfields, the school has improved significantly, achieving a judgement of Good with Outstanding features in its most recent Ofsted inspection, with maths teaching in particular being highlighted as a strength of the school. Part of my role has involved monitoring the quality of teaching and learning and implementing support where it is needed. As result the teaching profile in school has improved significantly along with outcomes for pupils.

Kelly Hemmingway

School: Bentley New Village Primary School
Role: Assistant Head Teacher, Year 6 Teacher, Literacy Strategic Lead, Learning Environment Lead
Specialism: Foundation curriculum implementation, Teaching and Learning and NQT/Experienced teacher support

Designation: SLE

I have been a teacher for 14 years now and still learn something new every day. I believe that as a teacher, you can have a huge impact on children's lives at a time in their life where they are so impressionable - thus meaning as professionals, we have to do our upmost to make this a positive experience for children. This is why I got involved as an SLE because I want to feel I make a difference to the children and teaching in Doncaster, not just in my current setting. 

I have worked at 4 schools in the time I've been teaching; Pheasant Bank Junior School, Plover Primary School, Saltersgate Junior School and my current setting, Bentley New Village, as Assistant Headteacher. Throughout my time at all these schools, I have always been based in KS2 and have had a number of responsibilities; English Lead, Year 5 Lead, Curriculum Lead (which was implementing an entire cross-curricular foundation curriculum) , NQT and Student Manager, Computing Lead (for which I was lead for writing the new scheme in school and implementing and for driving ICT forward in a school which had no computing resources or hardware at all) and now Assistant Headteacher with strategic Lead of Literacy and Computing Lead. I have completed many training sessions working with NQT's in schools and completing their CPD alongside the Doncaster Lead for NQT trainees. I am, however, currently in KS1 in a mixed Y1/2 class, this is new to me and definitely a challenge, but one I am embracing. 

Throughout my career, I feel I have really built a wide bank of skills that I can use these to help others in their career. I have mentored many students and NQT's and have worked with support plans for experienced teachers that needed a little support to drive their teaching forward. I have a very good, positive record of working alongside teachers for both developing their teaching skills and confidence to believe they can and the impact and results have been evident alongside this. 

I have a supportive and friendly nature when working with colleagues to up-skill them but am well aware that there is a need to be completely honest when improving colleagues teaching skills - I always hold the welfare of the children central to these improvements and ensure that their progress is paramount. 

I have recently successfully completed the NPQSL course and wish to continue to develop my skills through PiL and external providers to ensure that I am always working with current legislation and to ensure I am building upon my own skill-set. 

Michelle Hodgson

School: Hill Top Academy
Role: Vice Principal
Specialisms: Phonics, Behaviour, Inclusion, Pupil Premium

Designation: SLE

As Vice Principal, I work alongside the school leadership team promoting a positive environment for learning, supporting staff in the development of Teaching and Learning, targeting under-performing pupils whilst providing challenge through coaching and mentoring other members of the senior management team. As a senior leader I recognise the importance of modelling myself as a learner to all staff and pupils whilst keeping myself up to date on current initiatives and practice. I am committed to facing up to my responsibilities through continued professional development and I am motivated and have a desire to learn. I have recently completed ‘Stepping up to Headship’ which focusses on exploring the leadership attributes, building confidence and motivation to make the move towards Headship. I have also recently applied and been successful in securing a place on the NPQH program.

In my teaching career which has spanned over 18 years it would be true to say that my practice and philosophy have been more influenced by people than by organisations. I have met new people and continue to have new experiences within my role as Vice Principal and as a Specialist Leader of Education. In my role as Vice Principal of an ‘Outstanding’ school I have trained extensively on coaching and facilitation skills in order to develop this with colleagues within my own school and extend this to others through my SLE role. At present I oversee and lead a very large team of teaching and support staff to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for pupils. This has involved working in close collaboration with specific members of staff to enhance their knowledge and skills across the Academy Trust.

Through performance management I have focused on monitoring and improving the quality of direct teaching and active learning elements of the lessons. I continue to support the purposeful professional development of all staff and develop the capacity in school for effective distributive leadership, in order to maximise impact on the key priorities for improvement at all levels. As a Senior Leader, I have undertaken training in safeguarding and ensured that I strategically plan and distribute leadership responsibilities in order to effectively manage all elements of the offer. I have also worked collaboratively with other schools as part of the Leading Schools Programme and as part of my role as SLE, which has provided me with the invaluable opportunity to further develop and challenge my own management and leadership skills to develop a strategic vision to ensure effective safeguarding systems and provision are implemented to positively impact on the learning outcomes for pupils within all schools.

Alison Hornshaw

School: Travis St Lawrence Primary School
Role: Deputy Headteacher
Specialisms: English, Maths, Behaviour, Teaching and Learning

Designation: SLE

I have been the Deputy Head Teacher at Travis St Lawrence Primary School since September 2018. Prior to this role I have worked in senior leadership positions in Goole, in the East Riding and York. As Deputy at Travis, I am responsible for the curriculum, disadvantaged pupils, development of middle leaders and am a designated safeguarding officer. The leadership team work closely together to ensure teaching and learning is highly effective and to raise standards throughout the school. Coaching is part of my current role, and has been in different forms over most of my career. I have been an NQT mentor for many years and have also worked with a variety of colleagues to help them develop the effectiveness of their teaching and learning and more recently, to develop their role as subject leaders in school. I thoroughly enjoy working with colleagues in a coaching position, as helping teachers to develop brings me great satisfaction, as well as providing opportunities for me to learn and further develop my own practice. I am passionate that learning should be an enjoyable and exciting experience for all pupils and that is should allow all children to be successful. I have taught across key stages 1 and 2 in my career, with most of my experience being in key stage 2 and appreciate the different challenges and highlights different year groups can bring. I am excited to share my passion for teaching and experience as a coach to my role as an accredited SLE.

Jillian Jackson

School: Green Top
Role: Assistant Headteacher
Specialisms: KS1, Assessment, Y2 moderation, Pupil progress, Teaching and learning, TA deployment

Designation: SLE

I have been Assistant Headteacher at Green Top for the past two years with responsibilities including; Assessment, pupil progress, raising standards, wave 2 interventions, support staff and KS1 leadership. I work with a strong Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team, under which the school was judged Good with Outstanding Behaviour by Ofsted in November 2014 and we continue to aspire to excellence. I have taught across school from FS2 to Y5, most recently teaching in KS1 and a split Y1/2 class. I have been an SLE for the past year. During this time, I have been deployed to support Y2 NQT’s in schools, supported in coaching Y2 and 3 teachers in teaching and learning and led bespoke CPD training on teaching and learning for both teachers and support staff. This is my second year as a KS1 moderator, this year being accredited as an Enhanced Moderator. This has led me to lead the Y2 moderation network meetings this year for Partners in Learning aswell as lead twilight writing moderations for pyramids of schools. I also am an Olevi accredited facilitator of the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme, which I find extremely rewarding to deliver. I am committed to improving outcomes for children, not in only in my own school but across the Local Authority, and enhancing their school experience.

Danielle Jenkinson

School: Travis St Lawrence Primary School
Role: Assistant Headteacher
Specialisms: KS2 Leader - Teaching and Learning, Assessment, Science

Designation: SLE

I have been the Assistant Headteacher at Travis St Lawrence Primary School since September 2018. I have worked at Travis for the last six years being a part of the school’s journey from Requires Improvement to Good; recognising the importance of effective leadership and the impact change on many levels can have. My role of Assistant Head includes the responsibility of teaching and learning in KS2, assessment, NQT mentor as well as being one of the designated safeguarding officers. I particularly enjoy working closely with NQTs taking on the role of coach not only watching and supporting individuals grow into confident, strong teachers but also the new approaches/ideas I take away as a result of new pedagogy and research shared by Newly Qualified Teachers. I have experience of teaching across both key stages with my experience being predominately based in key stage 2 – Year 6. I am passionate about teaching and what this brings to not only our children but also to us as professionals; the continuous opportunity to support others, develop and work collaboratively. I look forward to my new role as an SLE and the opportunities that this brings to work alongside colleagues and other schools in supporting making a difference to all of our children.

Rebecca Kendrew-Jones

School: Kirk Sandall Infant Academy
Role: Foundation Stage Leader

Designation: SLE

I am an experienced Foundation Stage teacher and member of the Senior Leadership Team at Kirk Sandall Infant Academy. I am responsible for the delivery of high quality initial teacher training, an important role within a designated Teaching School. As an SLE my specialism is the Foundation Stage. I value the opportunity to work alongside other teachers and leaders of education. Our school ethos of Together We Achieve More underpins my values as a classroom teacher and SLE. Effective partnerships are key to sharing best practice, securing sustainable changes for improvement and facilitating the best outcomes for children. I have delivered training and development sessions on leading an effective Early Years curriculum, quality teaching and learning in the Foundation Stage, parental involvement in education and initial teacher training. I have an interest in current Early Years educational research and have studied at Masters degree level at the University of Sheffield. This included researching international perspectives on pedagogy and practice in early childhood. I visited China in 2014 as part of a delegation of education professionals from Doncaster, to compare and contrast our approaches to Early Years practice. I enjoy a challenge and believe that by sharing best practice meaningfully and purposefully we can encourage and inspire one another to further develop our knowledge and skills in order that our children achieve more.

Teresa Ladley

School: Dunsville Primary Academy and Kirk Sandall Academy
Role: Business Manager
Specialisms: Business Management, Academies and Academy Transition

Designation: SLE

I have worked within education in Doncaster since 1999 and am currently the Business Manager of Dunsville Primary Academy Trust and Kirk Sandall Academy Trust. Initially working at Thorne South Common Primary School and then after its closure redeploying to Thorne Brooke Primary School, I became familiar with education finance within Doncaster Local Authority. Moving later to Dunsville Primary School I studied with the National College and completed the CSBM, DSBM and ADSBM suite of School Business Manager Programmes. During this time I discovered just how invaluable school to school collaboration can be. By working with other establishments I have been able to support others and also develop my own skills and understanding of education provision. In addition to working at Dunsville Primary School I began working at Kirk Sandall Infant School in June 2012 and this has been a very successful partnership. After co-ordinating both schools through the academy conversion journey I found that sharing my experiences of the process helped others who were considering academisation. As a result of this school to school support my own schools benefitted through sharing of good practice. Recruited as a SLE with Partners in Learning in September 2014 I look forward to working within Doncaster schools to help our borough provide a better education experience for our children and young people.

Sue Lindley

School: Saltersgate Junior School
Role: Year 6 Teacher, English Coordinator, SLE for English and Enhanced Moderator
Specialisms: Key Stage Two, English

Designation: SLE

I am an experienced teacher (of 12 years), a member of the SLT, English Coordinator (4 years) and an SLE for English. I have taught in Years 3, 5 and 6, promoting high quality teaching and learning throuhgout all my lessons. This was recently evidenced in an Outstanding judgment from Ofsted following our inspection in March 2015. I have been a member of our SLT for 6 years, during which time I have had experience of leading in a variety of roles to a standard of excellence. This includes developing and achieving the Green Flag Eco Schools Award, Doncaster Awards for Eco Schools and leading in a variety of schools and conferences linked to this area. I have led English within our school for the last four years, developing my role to achieve the position of SLE for English. Through this, I have worked with a variety of schools on both a short and long term basis providing a range of support, including: whole school audits for English, recommendations for SLT, lesson observations with teachers and modelled lessons for support staff, training for Heads, SLT, teachers and LSAs. I have a passion for English teaching and learning and have driven this within our school. Our whole school ethos for reading for pleasure and striving for an outstanding reading school has been achieved. Our pupils use their knowledge confidently within English, and their enjoyment of reading to enhance their day-to-day learning is evident in their writing. Within school, I have developed assessment systems and procedures to ensure that teachers are consistent with their judgements and progression is effective and swift across all years. I have recently trained as an enhanced moderator and have led formal moderation sessions for schools within the LEA.

Carly May

School: Barnby Dun Primary Academy
Role: Deputy Headteacher
Specialisms: Key Stage Two, English

Designation: SLE

Throughout my teaching career of 14 years, I have always been interested in supporting, as well as learning from others, gaining a breadth of experience in many different settings. I have always been a highly reflective key stage two practitioner and have been Deputy Headteacher at Barnby Dun Primary for almost four years now. Our school has recently joined a MAT with five other Doncaster schools, with whom we already have strong links and a shared belief in the benefits of collaborative working.

In 2009, I started engaging in outreach work, when I was seconded for a day a week to support Doncaster LA’s team of English consultants for a year. This then led to me being involved in the Every Child a Writer project. Up until 2017, I was a KS2 Writing moderator and enhanced moderator.

Over the last three years, I have supported teachers and leaders in four local schools, as well as delivering Grammar training in two of these schools and also for the Danum pyramid of schools. My role in my own school is primarily the development of English and Assessment throughout the school, and more recently, I have now taken on the joint SENCo role with another of out SLT members. Our statutory results over the past two years have become consistently high, due to our constant strive for improvement: this is what makes any successful school / leader and is a quality I take with me whenever supporting colleagues, both in my own and other schools. 

Supporting staff to ensure they are confident in delivering the current curriculum and increasing their confidence with making assessment judgments in a time of incredibly high expectations is the biggest and most worthwhile part of this role. My belief is that through empowering all adults working with children, whilst encouraging evaluative and reflective practice, outcomes for children will go from strength to strength. Collaborative working is the best way to achieve this and being part of the EEF Literacy project, both last year and for the current academic year, certainly proves this ethos.

Ian Medwell

School: Town Field Primary School
Role: SEN/D Support, Class Teacher
Specialisms: Key Stage One, Phonics, Behaviour Management and SEN/D / Inclusion.

Designation: SLE

I have been a teacher for over 8 years and have a specialism for Inclusion. Prior to completing my teacher training I also had experience working with charities to raise awareness of special educational needs and disabilities and acted as an advocate for pupil voice. As part of my training I have completed post graduate studies into SEN/D and I have completed action research to raise the attainment of pupils with SEN/D. I have in-depth knowledge of the systems and structures in place to support children and an awareness of the diverse and ever changing population of need within our school. It is my belief that all children should feel championed and able to achieve. Working as part of the Inclusion Team at Town Field I understand the importance of engaging with all staff to share the positive ethos and maintaining effective working relationships. I have experience in the development of person centred planning, developing effective support plans, analysing data and provision mapping. I have provided training for teaching staff and support staff. In the wider community I have been involved with CPD for Partners In Learning which has enabled me to build working relationships with schools across the Doncaster area. I have recently (February 2016) been seconded to a school in order to lead the rapid improvement of provision for pupils with SEN/D. I have also been involved with local authority reviews on SEN/D with a focus on pupil progress data, APDR cycles and other systems and structures in place. In addition to my work within SEN/D I am also a dedicated and passionate teacher with many years experience in Year 1. I have a range of strategies for the teaching of early reading and the use of planning, assessment and intervention for rapid progress. Within my role I have also mentored ITT students which I find motivating. I am excited to continue my role as an SLE and I am looking forward to working with different schools to provide support, continue to develop as a practitioner and ultimately work with others to provide better outcomes for children.

Katy McKie

School: Saltersgate Junior School
Role: Y6 Teacher and Leader/ Maths Leader / Science Leader / MFL Leader
Specialisms: Mathematics

Designation: SLE

I have worked, as a Y6 teacher, at Saltersgate Junior for over ten years. During this time, my expertise has enabled the school to achieve excellent results (well above the National Average), which, in part, led to the outstanding OFSTED judgement in March 2015. Within my school, I lead Maths, Science and MFL and I am constantly striving to build on the excellent teaching and learning that is ongoing. I have been an SLE for a year, during which time I have led ‘Mastery in Maths’ training, both internally and externally. I also delivered training on ‘Leading New Initiatives’ and have supported other schools in a number of development areas, such as: to develop the quality of teaching and learning; improve marking for AFL, skills audits and policy reviews.   I lead by example, establishing and maintaining a child centred personalised learning environment, where challenge and resilience are integral. I am a passionate classroom practitioner and Senior Leader, achieving an Outstanding in Mathematics at the Ofsted visit in March 2015. I ensure all relevant information is cascaded, actions monitored and training requirements provided, both informally and formally during staff training sessions. I am extremely passionate about teaching and always offer my pupils the best opportunities so that every child achieves their true potential

Julia Neesome

School: Windhill Primary School
Role: Deputy Headteacher
Specialisms: Inclusion, Numeracy, ITT/NQT Development

Designation: SLE

I am an experienced Deputy Head Teacher Windhill Primary having previously been in post at Edenthorpe Hall Primary and prior to that being seconded by the Local Authority to Plover Primary to work as an Associate Deputy. My specialism is Inclusion and I am currently seconded to the Local Authority as an Education Standards and Effectiveness Officer for SEND. As Deputy Headteacher I work closely with other members of the SLT to strive to raise standards in school. I have mentored and coached middle leaders to develop, monitor and evaluate actions on the School Improvement Plan enabling them lead more effectively and develop a better understanding and greater involvement in the school improvement cycle. As Inclusion Manager I have utilised my strong communication and interpersonal skills and built respectful professional relationships with all levels of staff. Working with my colleagues I have identified and supported pupils with a range of learning difficulties and those who are gifted and talented. I have played a key part in addressing the specific learning needs of these groups of pupils in order to support their further progress. I have successfully shared relevant information through organising in house training for staff at all levels. In my role as an Education Standards and Effectiveness Officer for SEND I offer guidance and support to SENCOs and support the delivery of Local Authority CPD for SENCOs and Inclusion managers.

Rebecca Pearson

School: Barnby Dun Primary Academy
Role: Class Teacher/Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader
Specialisms: Maths/English/Key Stage Two

Designation: SLE

I have been in the teaching profession for the last 9 years and taught at Barnby Dun since 2012. I became Upper Key Stage Two leader at Barnby Dun in January 2013. For the last few years, I have taken the lead on maths and have experience of developing and leading on whole school initiatives. I have also been a subject leader in English and music and developed our work on Eco-schools. I have experience teaching across key stage two, however, most of my experience has been in year 6. I have worked with many trainee teachers over the course of my teaching career including students from a range of different universities and the Doncaster/Nottingham SCITT programme. In the last 2 years, I have supported teachers and staff in 2 local schools. In my most recent role, I am supporting the development of teaching and learning in UKS2 and developing the role of the maths subject lead and UKS2 phase leader. I am passionate about teaching but particularly about the opportunities this profession offers to work collaboratively with others. I look forward to my new role and the opportunity it offers to make a difference to children across the authority.


Claire Price

School: Plover Primary School
Role: Assistant Head
Specialism: EYFS

Designation: SLE

Having been a teacher for 20 years and assistant head for 9 years at Plover Primary School, I have worked mainly within early years, improving outcomes for the children. I currently lead early years, overseeing assessment and data as well as quality assuring outcomes within KS1, transition processes into and out of FS. My experiences within FS have enabled me to support within my school and other settings including PVI to ensure that children’s needs are met. I have supported other schools with identifying priorities for development within FS as well as planning for those children in Y1 still working within Development Matters. I have provided training for parents on home learning and phonics and have devised admissions information for EAL families.

Claire Robertson

School: Kirk Sandall Infant Academy
Role: Leader of Key Stage One Teaching and Learning
Specialisms: Support for most-able, Leadership of Curriculum, English Key Stage One, Phonics – Read Write Inc.

Designation: SLE

I have taught for several years at Kirk Sandall Infant Academy and have been a member of the Senior Leadership Team for nine years. My role is Leader of Teaching and Learning in Key Stage One (including English and More Able and Talented). I have lead the introduction of the Read, Write Inc. Phonics programme into our school, providing appropriate training and resources for teachers and support staff to ensure they could deliver the sessions competently and confidently. Since then I have monitored and adapted the programme to best meet the needs of the children in our school to enable them to achieve their full potential. I have been involved in leading a range of literacy sessions through Partners in Learning for the ITT training programme, focussing on teaching and learning in phonics, the literacy curriculum, planning and inspiring children to write, writing for purpose and incorporating cross curricular links. As an SLE, I have also provided bespoke school to school support to provide staff training on Read Write Inc. Phonics for both teachers and support staff. As More Able and Talented Leader, I have explored using questioning to extend children’s thinking and have introduced Early Bird Challenges to engage children in thinking actively from the moment they enter the classroom. I have also been involved over the last four years in a collaborative project within our pyramid, to organise annual Gifted and Talented events to create opportunity for more able children from each school to work together.

Claira Salter

School: Green Top
Role: Assistant Headteacher
Specialisms: Early Years, Phonics, SEN, Behaviour

Designation: SLE

I am Deputy Headteacher at Green Top and have been a senior leader for the past three years with responsibilities including; behaviour, SENDCO, Early Years leadership, phonics and designated teacher for safeguarding. I have worked previous to this role as a Middle Leader for the lower phase responsible for EYFS and Key Stage One. I work with a strong Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team, under which the school was judged Good with Outstanding Behaviour by Ofsted in November 2014 and we continue to aspire to excellence. My personal strengths are; leading a team to fully embrace child initiated learning, raise attainment in phonics through quality first teaching, rich environments and focussed interventions and managing the day to day ‘behaviours for learning’ exhibited by the children within the challenging area we serve. As an SLE, I have recently supported schools with; on entry moderation, raising standards in phonics, raising the profile of child initiated learning to promote high quality outcomes across the EYFS phase, and supporting schools to develop a whole school approach to embed positive behaviours for learning. Furthermore, I have facilitated training in my specialist areas for a range of practitioners, with differing skill sets, including support staff, trainee teachers, NQTs, RQTs and experienced teachers. I am fortunate to be one of the Olevi accredited facilitators of the Improving and Outstanding Teacher Programme, which I find extremely rewarding. Since becoming an ITP and OTP faciliatator I have also created a bespoke CPD package that has been delivered in several schools to develop teaching and learning through engagement and challenge. I love my job and the diverse nature of each day, at the heart of everything I do is the children I encounter along the way – if they are getting a good deal then they have a chance to achieve their full potential, it’s up to us a educators to inspire them to succeed!

Emily Smithard
School: Sandringham Primary School
Role: Deputy Headteacher
Specialisms: Closing the gap, NQT Development

Designation: SLE

I have been a Deputy Headteacher at Sandringham Primary School for the past seven years. I am currently responsible for Inclusion, attendance, deputy designated safeguarding officer, NQT mentor, EAL and the designated teacher for looked after children. As Deputy Headteacher I work closely with other members of the SLT to strive to raise standards in school. Throughout my career I have used my coaching skills to support colleagues. I have supported phase leaders, middle leaders, senior HLTAs and members of the inclusion team. As Inclusion Leader I have been the driving force behind the growth and development of our inclusion team and have led on the improvement and development of the learning environment, where we nurture and help our children to thrive. As well as Inclusion Leader, I have worked effectively as a mentor in school for NQTs, GTPs and students for the past 9 years. Throughout my teaching career, I have taught from F2 to Year 6 and therefore have a wealth of understanding of the different needs of the children across whole school. The main motivation for me to begin my participation in system leadership, is to improve the outcomes for pupils both in my school and those that I would support. I look forward to this new role, as an accredited SLE.
Jayne Tuczemskyi

School: Kirkby Avenue Primary School
Role: Senior Leaders and Key Stage Two Manager
Specialisms: Closing the Gap, CPD, Leadership of the Curriculum, Drama, English, Mathematics, ITT Development

Designation: SLE

During the last ten years I have been part of the Senior Leadership Team at Kirkby Avenue Primary School and am committed to continuous school improvement, raising standards and supporting and learning from others. As part of the Senior Leadership Team I am responsible for Key Stage Two, Teaching and Learning, Coaching Programmes and English. As leader of Teaching and Learning I have worked on developing systematic and experiential learning coaching cycles to meet the needs of our staff in order to maximise impact by raising standards of Teaching and Learning and importantly to embed changed practice and encourage the transmission of teacher learning to pupil learning within classrooms. My role of leading coaching has now widened, facilitating CPD training, working with our NQTs, providing outreach work through school to school support and speaking to participants on NPQSL. As leader of English for five years I have worked closely with staff within my own setting, and other schools, on the new curriculum, the implementation of this, the Spelling and Grammar curriculum, raising of standards in writing, moderation and creativity within the subject. Raising standards in writing through inspiring children to write is an area I have delivered bespoke CPD for schools, facilitated CPD courses and worked closely with staff in my own setting in order to close the gap in writing. I am a trained facilitator and coach for the NPQML programme and I have also supported modules for the NPQSL programme. As part of the programme I have supported colleagues aspiring towards middle leadership and closing the gap projects within their own settings. Working as an SLE, I have delivered English courses for colleagues, supported staff from other schools in implementing the new curriculum and Spelling and Grammar training. I have supported a school with Year 6 interventions, coaching and improving Teaching and Learning. I am committed to developing, enabling and motivating staff in school in order to facilitate the needs of the children. I want the best for the children in our care – this itself motivates me to aim to improve learning for all children and promote, and create, a climate in which all staff want to do their best. As an extension to the commitment within school, I firmly adhere to our school ethos of supporting others in an outreach capacity. I’m committed to ‘give back’ to the authority and enjoy the opportunity and challenge to work, support and learn from others. I enjoy new challenges and relish the opportunities to work with others to improve the quality of Teaching and Learning, raise standards and school improvement.

Sarah Watson

School: Woodfield Primary School
Role: Head of Early Years
Specialisms: EYFS

Designation: SLE

My interest and passion has always been in Early Years pedagogy and practice and I have relished the chance to further develop my expertise in the role of Head of Early Years at Woodfield. Having joined the school whilst it was graded Requires Improvement and under the scrutiny of HMI, learning about data analysis and school improvement planning with a focus on the Early Years has been of prime importance and indeed these are skills that I am currently using to support schools in my SLE role. This has been enhanced by working as an EYFS moderator for the LA and planning CPD alongside other SLEs. I work with a strong Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team, under which the school was judged Good by Ofsted in September 2014 and we continue to strive for excellence. Throughout my career I have been fortunate to work in a number of different schools giving me experience of varied catchments and the different needs of children and families within these catchments. Whilst in a previous setting I undertook the NPSLBA accreditation with a specific focus on parental involvement in the Early Years and how this can support both behaviour and attendance. This enabled me to plan for and deliver a range of family learning which has continued into my current setting. Working in an attachment aware school, I have used the principles of attachment theory to evaluate and improve our systems for transition into the Early Years such as paperwork, information collection and early intervention in terms of support for families with additional needs. During my time at Woodfield I have worked as a mentor supporting ITT students in school alongside link tutors from both YSJ and the Schools Direct program. My mentoring role has focused upon students within the Early Years where I have been able to offer ongoing support in their classroom role as well as offering CPD around policy, practice and pedagogy in the EYFS.

Kerry Webster

School: Town Field Primary School
Role: Middle Leader/Class Teacher
Specialisms: Reading/Maths/ICT/Teaching and Learning

Designation: SLE

I have taught at Town Field Primary school for 6 years and been an established middle leader for 3 years leading on computing and reading within school. More recently, I have taken the lead on maths and have experience of leading on school improvement priorities. I have experience teaching in both Key Stage One and Two, however, most of my experience has been in year 2. I have been involved in delivering a range of CPD for Partners in Learning including the computing curriculum and leading the computing network for Partners in Learning. In addition I have also delivered bespoke training for schools, CPD for NQT's and ITT students and have experience of leading training in maths. I have worked a lot with trainee teachers over the past six years, having been a mentor for teachers on several different programmes as well as supporting NQT's within their setting. As part of my role as a year 2 teacher, I have recently become a moderator for the local authority with experience of leading moderation as well as supporting schools in getting ready for the moderation process. As part of this role, I have also lead year 2 and key stage one network meetings for several different pyramids in the doncaster area.

Yvonne Whaley

School: Toll Bar Primary School
Role: Deputy Headteacher
Specialisms: Key Stage One, Leadership of the Curriculum, Middle Leadership, Mathematics

Designation: SLE

I am an experienced Deputy Headteacher at Toll Bar Primary School as well as an established SLE. I also represent South Yorkshire Maths Hub as Assistant Maths Hub Lead where I liaise with schools and support them with their developing role of Mastery within their Maths curriculum. I have led a range of training for both Maths Hub and Partners in Learning and attend National events held by the NCETM on behalf of SYMH. I similarly lead on the delivery of maths CPD for Doncaster ITT students during their training year.

As an SLE I have supported staff in planning, delivering and evaluating as well as supporting their understanding of assessment. Through consultancy and CPD, I promote best practice and high quality delivery in both classroom and training. I have experience in supporting teachers, Middle and Senior Leaders in areas of priority within their setting. These have included leading CPD for both teaching and support staff, as well as assisting them in writing action plans, delivering policy and monitoring good practice and subsequent actions. In association to leading staff training and INSET to colleagues I have also supported individuals and groups of staff using both coaching and mentoring roles which have looked very different depending upon the need of the school or individual. I have been an accredited facilitator for NPQML as well as an accredited facilitator and mentor for both the Improving and Outstanding Teacher Programme, including The Power of Coaching module. I have also been accredited with teaching the Every Child Counts and Every Child a Reader Programme to Key Stage One children.

Emily Williams

School: Sandringham Primary School
Role: Senior Leader/Key Stage Leader/Maths Leader
Specialisms: Key Stage One, whole school Maths

Designation: SLE

I currently work at Sandringham Primary School and have been a senior leader there for 6 years. Over my teaching career I have taught in all phases of primary. I have supported, coached and mentored staff across school in many different areas of the curriculum.

My core specialism is Maths, where I gained a Post Graduate Certificate as a Primary Maths Specialist (MaST). Maths is my passion and I really enjoy supporting teachers and Maths Leaders in their development of teaching and learning. Through my NPQSL qualification and my role in school I have led whole school development priorities with Maths and other curriculum areas.

As Key Stage Leader and a member of SLT I have had experience of driving school improvement and have been part of a team that has worked to improve a school. I look forward to working in partnership with other schools.

Cathy Young

School: St Peter's Catholic Primary School
Role: Deputy Head Teacher and Year 5 Teacher

Specialisms: KS2 English, Teaching and Learning, NQT/ITT support

Designation: SLE

I am in my eleventh year of teaching and have been Deputy Head at St Peter’s since September 2017. I began my teaching career at Hexthorpe Primary School, where I trained under the Graduate Teacher Programme, before moving to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School.

I am a highly reflective key stage 2 practitioner and constantly strive to adapt my teaching practice, seeking engaging, purposeful and innovative learning opportunities for children. I endeavour to lead by example and consistently model good practice. I am a member of the English subject team at my school, with a particular responsibility for developing the teaching and learning of writing.

In the early stages of my career, I became a lead teacher on the Every Child a Writer programme, which gave me a deep interest in, and love for the teaching of reading and writing across KS2. This has grown over the years and I have led a number of staff CPD sessions to develop pedagogy and practice in this area. At present, I am undertaking NPQSL with Inspiring Leaders and am involved in a whole school project based on raising attainment in writing in my current school.

I am an experienced mentor and have been heavily involved in Doncaster’s ITT programme for many years, having successfully mentored a number of trainees. In addition, I have also provided support for NQTs. I find this aspect of my role incredibly rewarding and invaluable to promote teacher recruitment and retention.

I am delighted to have recently been appointed as a SLE as I am really looking forward to its collaborative nature. I hope that by forming new relationships and links with other teachers and schools, good practice will be shared, which will in turn have a positive impact on Doncaster’s children.

Claire Dutton

School: Richmond Hill Primary School
Role: KS1 phase leader and Y2 teacher
Specialisms: Research, Teacher Development

Designation: SLR/SLE

I am an experienced Year 2 class teacher and KS1 phase leader at Richmond Hill Primary Academy, part of the Rose Learning Trust in Doncaster. A proud SLR for Doncaster Research School, I am lead facilitator for their Working with Parents programme and have a keen interest in helping to develop practitioner enquiry and engagement with research for early career teachers. I am also co-founder and host of the Doncaster Teach-Meet events offered by Partners in Learning, seeking opportunities for collaborative professional development across Doncaster and beyond. I am passionate about making a difference and believe that evidence-informed practice in all aspects of education can support schools in offering children the very best opportunities possible. I am currently undertaking doctoral study with a part-time EdD exploring teacher agency within the current climate of curriculum change, considering how coaching and related approaches might help to support this in practice.

Fiona MacCormack

School: Thorne King Edward Primary School
Role: Deputy Head Teacher, Year 1 Teacher
Specialisms: SEND & Inclusion, Maths, Science, Music. Use of Research to inform school improvement

Designation: SLR/SLE

I have had the good fortune to work across three local authorities in a number of different roles and in a range of contexts; from a very small rural school to a leafy green suburb and also in areas of high deprivation. I therefore have an understanding of the different challenges faced in a diverse range of contexts.

I have worked as a school administrator as well as being a qualified teacher which gives me a rounded view of the roles in school. Prior to teaching I had a career in the logistics industry which has given me a particular strength in budget and personnel management. Since qualifying as a teacher I have worked in all primary phases, from Nursery to Year 6. I have led in a number of core and foundation subjects as well as being a qualified SENCo with my strengths in leadership being noted during Ofsted inspections. I was privileged to be Head of School at Branton St Wilfrid’s until Easter 2019 which has recently secured a Good Ofsted judgement.  

I am extremely proud to be an SLR for Doncaster Research School and to be able to support school improvement in other schools.


Jack Wardle

School: Spa Academy Askern
Role: Assistant Headteacher
Specialisms: Evidence-Informed Practice, Research, CPD, Developing Teaching & Learning

Designation: SLR/SLE

I was appointed as an SLR in 2018. I am an Assistant Headteacher and Y6 teacher at Spa Academy Askern, part of the Leger Education Trust. My engagement in research was sparked by co-leading a successful funded research project with Leeds Beckett University based on transforming models of professional learning across my previous school and MAT. Since then, I have co-founded Doncaster TeachMeet, a hugely successful event bringing together hundreds of Doncaster teachers to share evidence-informed innovations and have delivered a wide-range of training as part of my deployment with the Research School. I am passionate about ensuring that a culture of evidence-informed practice in schools, at all levels, ensures pupils are given the greatest chance of success in their future lives.