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The Opportunity Area 25 Offer

Doncaster is a Social Mobility Opportunity Area it’s a borough with both poor social mobility and schools that face challenges.

‘We are all charged with contributing to Social Mobility in Doncaster. The story of Doncaster is beginning to change. We are editing the story by looking forward and not back, by challenging ourselves and each other to seek new ways to overcome disadvantage.’

What is the OA25?

We’re a family of schools aiming to rapidly raise attainment for our disadvantaged pupils. We’ll do this by working alongside other schools and professionals to develop and challenge our thinking and practice. We’ll access and evaluate some of the most current professional advice available, particularly evidence informed practice through the Education Endowment Foundation.

We’ll understand and share what’s available across the system including funded opportunities to optimise our provision for our most vulnerable pupils. We’ll use the concept of ‘marginal gains’ so that each and every child can get the what they need and have the best chance to contribute to the boroughs attainment targets in 2019 and beyond.


The Universal Offer

  • £1000 training bursary which can be used to purchase Research School network accredited training.
  • Support from the School Improvement Lead Professional who will work supportively with schools so that they can access the right information, programmes and support to improve educational outcomes.
  • Involvement with specific and appropriate funded support which is well matched to needs of pupils, leaders and teachers eg EXPECT Youth, Brilliant Club.
  • Introduction to/ refresher training on key EEF guidance materials such as the use of the Teacher Toolkit and Guide to Implementation.
  • Reviewing the use of best practice models and evidence based practice for managing disadvantaged pupils’ provision and progress.
  • Collaborative termly data collection and analysis of tracking information, including collaborative evaluation of raising attainment plans and adaptation, where needed.
  • Involvement in termly LA priority programmes which promote best practice.
  • Priority places on any LA/ external moderation of assessment/ standardisation activity.
  • Bespoke support and challenge from SILP based on needs identified.


The Targeted Offer

  • Support from the School Improvement Lead Professional who will work supportively with these schools to identify areas for improvement with a high level of specificity.
  • Specific training on using and applying EEF guidance report materials focused on particular school improvement needs e.g. Preparing for Literacy, Improving Maths in KS2/3 and Metacognition and self-regulated learning.
  • Access to a bespoke and newly developed Pupil Premium review process.


 The Bespoke Offer

  • SILP facilitates termly/ half termly triads to provide peer challenge and support by sharing practice such as effective use of EEF guidance report materials as well as shared monitoring, evaluation and review of the impact of provision as a result of focused support/ specific provision and PD.